Houston Texans' 2011 Season: First Postseason Appearance?

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    By Gary Davis,

    It's a Possibility

    Many of my readers who have been considering my articles about the NFL 2011 schedules have asked that I stop "bailing out" by not picking winners of each game, rather eschewing that
    for generalized records. No more! I am going to give comprehensive picks for next year subject to the disclaimer at the end of this article. The first team we will look at is the Houston Texans.

    The Houston Texans have yet to reach the playoffs. Will they next year? I don't know. What I am going to do is run through the teams and, when I am done, then and only then will I know the "winners."

    The Houston Texans, led by Coach Gary Kubiak and quarterback Matt Schaub, is a team that has underachieved. They came close to the playoffs in 2009 but fell back in 2010 to a 6-10 record. However, they have proved they can beat the best. How will they do in 2011?

    As usual, I will be using FB Schedules' website as a reference -- in this case "2011 Houston Texans' Opponents."

    Let's start with the AFC South Teams; the Texans' division.

    That would be the Colts, Jaguars and Titans. That is an easy call for me to make. I think they will split with each team and go 3-3.

    How will the Texans do on the road against non-divisional teams?

    Houston plays the Ravens, Bengals, Miami Dolphins, Saints and Bucs. These are some very difficult venues to play.

    I believe you will see an upset of the Ravens, a defeat of the Bengals and losses to the Dolphins, Saints and Tampa Bay for a 2-3 record.

    How will the Houston Texans do at home?

    At home the Texans play Cleveland, the Steelers, the Raiders, Atlanta and the Panthers.

    I think the Texans are going to be tough at home. They will lose only to the Steelers. They will defeat the Browns, Raiders, Falcons and Carolina. This will yield a 4-1 home record and an overall record of 9-7 to match their 2009 record.

    This time will it get them into the playoffs?
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    Way too early for this kind of crapola.
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    Another "this is THE year" thread?

    I see your join date and had know you had no way of knowing this, but this is a stale and rather irritating topic seeing how the Texans have had to buy tickets to see any and all playoff games since their inception. Same goes for "the most important game in Texans history."

    Personally, after all we've seen, I might post a "THE year" thread after the clock strikes zero and the Texans are mathematically in and there's nothing even they can do about it.

    Belated welcome to the board. I like your optimism.
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    What 2011 season?

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