Handicap parking?

Discussion in 'Texan Tailgate' started by whiskeyrbl, May 29, 2009.

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    Hey have a question about how to get handicap parking. My friend who went in on season tix with us has recently had a pacemaker put and also has had both sides of his hips replaced. Sorta rough on him from the Blue Lot to the seats. Just wanting to know if someone can give us some direction on how to go about getting them. Thank you in advance.
  2. Vinny

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    probably tough to get since there are a limited amount of them. I believe the red lot has handicap parking as well, and they are on the polar opposite side of the blue lot. I'd just give them a call and ask.

    If you park at the cash lots you can get metrolift to get you to the stadium once you get off the tram. It's really not that bad, and there are lots of handicap spots at the front of the lot behind Sam's Club.
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    Contact the Texans--it is easier to get a whole season handicap parking than a partial. Found that out a ways back so I am not sure that is still true.
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    Thanks Vinny and TC am going to call Courtney right now. Oh TC I actually get to go back to work Monday so I will make my donation asap. Thanks again.
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    Thanks again they upgraded us to Handicap Blue.
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    My dad had handicap blue and he got it just by asking, The Texans are outstanding in regard to thier info and help in the parking, even with the security of the lots. If you need help I bet nowhere on that property will you wait 5 minutes for help, most of the time it is instant. I have to say that a boy Texans for getting you a HC pass in the blue.
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    JT is that where I see you alot across from the LOUD hispanic group?

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