Great win, great day!

Discussion in 'Texan Tailgate' started by Brando, Sep 20, 2009.

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    For the 1st time in franchise history I missed the game today due to work. I followed the score today on my phone. Don't worry I have it recorded for my viewing pleasure. :) Anyway as I headed home they had a trivia question for me to answer a Texans trivia question on a Corpus radio station. The question....Jasin Babin was drafted with the 27th pick in the first round, What college did he attend making him the first player out of that college to be drafted? Easy, I called in and said "Western Michigan", bam! I won a Texans hat,shirt and Texans Mardi Gras beads! Woohoo! Great win, great day! Maybe I should start recording all the games and watching them later?:specnatz::fans::ant::doot:

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