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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by DX-TEX, Jan 18, 2012.

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    :texans::texan::gotexans1I know we have threads about this subject but this article is pretty damn good. Actually brought a tear to my eye.

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    Great article, my feel too.

    Thanks for finding it and THANKS to the writer! :)
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    Gone Too Soon.
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    I feel like we all could have wrote this article. Those of us who really watched and really understand the game. This guy basically just quantified everything I've been telling everyone I see. People laugh when I say look out for the Texans next year, until I explain this season to them because, they watched another team, or just don't follow the Texans that closely, which if fine. Some of them still write us off and point out that Manning will be back next year. Haha, I chuckle to myself when I hear that. We beat Manning, the first game of the year in 2010 with the worst D in the league. I don't think Manning will be a problem. Nor will Tennessee or the Jags.

    Houston, we no longer have a problem! Well not as far as football goes anyway. We have a truely, non homeristic, legitmate shot against any team they throw at us. Our D will only get better with the possible return of Mario, a full training camp and the return of Wade. Let's go Stampede! For those of us who breath in Liberty White, forge Steel blue and Bleed Battle Red, this article hits the nail on the head. We have hope, we have a great future, and Football is BACK in Houson!

    With the return of Shaub next year, I have the utmost confidence against any team. Don't think for a second that teams won't be preparing for us next year. The media may not have noticed, but the NFL damn sure did!

    I can't wait till the draft and free agency, and I'm so glad I found a board to follow all the action and get all that news that I don't come across. Thank you Texanstalk! May this board continue to be a front runner for Texans football for years to come.

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