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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by awtysst, May 26, 2007.

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    I know this might be old, but I am just now grading my first round, Basically the formula is 1 point if you pick a player that is picked in the first, 1 extra point if you correctly pick the team he goes to.

    I also had Alan Branch and Chris Houston in round 1 and didnt have Gonzalez or Davis(though I had them as high seconds).

    So I get a total of 49
    Kiper would get a 48
    Gosselin would get a 53.
    How did YOU do?
  2. awtysst

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    Apr 3, 2005
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    None of the other draft gurus or prognosticators want to publically state their results?
  3. toronto

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    I got a whopping 42.

    Basically the only pick I got right after 15 was Reggie Nelson to Jax.

    I doubt anyone would have had Ginn going to Miami lol.
  4. beerlover

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    May 1, 2004
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    think you guys need to re-check your math, here is a really good mock & it only scored a 35 using your system.


    1. Oakland - JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU - Really tough decision here. I bet it could go either way between Russell and Johnson. But I'm going with Russell here just because. I dunno. It's really tough. Russell has a cannon for an arm and Davis loves that. But gah. I may switch to Johnson 5 minutes before the draft. 2

    2. Detroit - Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson - Lots of people have suddenly jumped on the Johnson bandwagon here to Detroit. Ideally they'd like to pick him so they can move him. I really don't think Millen will draft another receiver and keep him. He wants to go defense, and he likes Gaines Adams. I think he'd trade down with Tampa if given the chance and let them have Johnson, but, they want to go defense. Simple as that. So does Rod Marinelli. The Tampa 2 thrives on having a dominant passrusher. That's how the defense works; constant pressure from the front 4. They may even pick up Simeon Rice in a deal with the Bucs. There ya go. 1

    3. Cleveland - Joe Thomas, T, Wisconsin - This is the first time I've slotted Thomas to the Browns here. Ultimately, it came down to common sense. The Browns aren't drafting Quinn. I just don't think he's a good fit in that offense, and everyone seems to like Russell more as a QB anyhow. Adrian Peterson's injury concerns are enough to keep this team away from him, especially since they have a recent history with oft-injured backs. They'll stick with Jamal Lewis for Romeo Crennell's big year and pick up a guy in the later rounds who fits in the scheme. Could be a panicky move. Also I wouldn't be surprised at ALL to see the Browns take Johnson. 2

    4. Tampa Bay - Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech - Well the Bucs luck out big time here and nab the best player in the draft. Gruden high-fives everyone in the Bay area and salivates at all the possibilities he has in his offense. He sees a Terrell Owens here. He sees a Marvin Harrison. He sees a Randy Moss. All three combined for an amazing specimen that'll be the face of the franchise for years to come. Jeff Garcia thanks his lucky stars he signed with the Bucs. 1

    5. Arizona - Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma - Coach Whisenhut has always been about establishing the running game first and foremost, and he did that with a big bruising back in Jerome Bettis. Peterson will be his bruising back. Give him the ball, let him pound it between the tackles, and put Edge in there in the passing situations. Lots of possibilities here, should make for an exciting offense. Matt Leinart likes the idea of handing the ball off to his fellow Heisman finalist back, too. 1

    6. Washington - LaRon Landry, S, LSU - The word is out that the Skins love this guy, and while I don't think this'll do much to help the deep passing game, expect a lot of hard hits and a lot of help in the running game. There will be a lot of receivers scared to go over the middle against Washington. 2

    7. Minnesota - Darrelle Revis, CB, Pittsburgh - After releasing Fred Smoot, and following a season where the Vikes posted the 31st ranked pass defense, it's pretty damn evident that Minnesota needs to fix that secondary. Perhaps they wanted LaRon Landry. Too bad, the Skins took him. So the Vikings make what some might consider a reach here and grab Darrelle Revis, who will also help out in the return game, if need be. Forget about Quinn, they love Tavarius Jackson up there and expect big things out of him. 1

    8. Atlanta - Levi Brown, T, Penn State - For a while now, it seems that Atlanta has had their eyes Levi Brown. A big tackle who can move the defense and also be a pillar on the outside for the quarterback for a decade. Bobby Petrino likes the sound of that. Perhaps he doesn't want his QB to be forced to move out of the pocket all the time. He's going to try and fix that with Brown. 1

    9. Miami - Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame - Cam Cameron will be doing cartwheels to find their #1 target Brady Quinn sitting here at #9, but it makes the most sense. There's a possibility that the Skins could still make a bit of a threat and force the Dolphins' hand, but it may not have to happen. Should be fun. 1

    10. Denver - Patrick Willis, LB, Ole Miss - I don't predict trades in mocks, but this one seems like a lock at this point, so might as well throw it in here. Denver wants Willis, so they move up to get him. That's a damn fine LBing corps there even though Wilson is gone. Shanahan moves up in two straight drafts. 1

    11. San Francisco - Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska - San Francisco might make a move for Willis, but I think they'll be fine knowing they got Carriker as a consolation prize. Can play anywhere on the line. Will command double teams and create havoc for all opposition. 1

    12. Buffalo - Joe Staley, T, Central Michigan - Buffalo pulls a fast one here and grabs Joe Staley, whom a lot of teams covet. They'd probably take Willis if he were on the board, but they love Staley's physical ability so much they pull the trigger. 1

    13. St. Louis - Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas - The Rams need a good pass-rusher, and there's one sitting there at 13 in Anderson. Some labeled him as a top 10 pick not too long ago, so this could be a very good value pick. 1

    14. Carolina - Reggie Nelson, S, Florida - Carolina's safeties aren't necessarily bad, they're just old. They have a combined 21 years of starting between them. They also had a combined 3 interceptions. It'd be nice to get some youth and playmaking ability back there. Nelson brings both in spades. And a good character guy. Lots of teams love him. 1

    15. Pittsburgh - Leon Hall, CB, Michigan - Pittsburgh lucks out big time here. Hall drops to 15, probably due to Buffalo taking Staley more than anything. Although I could see both teams alternating picks. 1

    16. Green Bay - Marshawn Lynch, RB, Cal - There's no one left to run the ball in Green Bay. They're probably not getting Larry Johnson, so they have to take Lynch here. 1

    17. Jacksonville - Ted Ginn, Jr, WR, Ohio State - They should probably go defense, simply because they've yet to draft a defensive player in the first round under Jack Del Rio's watch, but they pull the trigger on the speedy Ginn here. The receiving corps is big, but there's not much speed. Great compliment here to all those possession guys. 1

    18. Cincinnati - Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville - Cincy lucks out here when the 19 year old phenom drops to them at #18. Good character guy, it should be noted. 1

    19. Tennessee - Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee - Tennessee won't have to look too far to find their new receiver. Speaking of character, this guy has a ton of it. Don't expect any Las Vegas escapades from this young man. I think they'd prefer Ginn, but Meachem isn't a bad backup plan. 1

    20. New York Giants - Lawrence Timmons, LB, FSU - The Giants seem to be in a good spot to draft a player of need. And they need LB after this offseason. 1

    21. Houston - Aaron Ross, CB, Texas - Houston likes the board after trading down with Denver. Some good secondary players available. I think they go Ross here because he brings more to the table and thus has more value. 1

    22. Dallas - Chris Houston, CB, Arkansas - Dallas drafts Houston. Cute. But also a damn good pick. One of the better young CB tandems in the league right off the bat. drafted 2nd rd.

    23. Kansas City - Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU - KC isn't about drafting first round receivers. But what the hell. I can also see them taking Alan Branch. In fact, they probably will. Oh well 2

    24. New England - Michael Griffin, S, Texas - New England starts the mission to improve their defense pronto and nabs this cheeky vet from Texas. Yes, cheeky. 1

    25. New York Jets - Greg Olsen, TE, Miami (FL) - One thing Eric Mangini learned in New England is that you can never have enough first round tight ends. Olsen will be a great fit in that offense, and Chad Pennington will love dumping the ball to him. The matchup is there with the linebackers. 1

    26. Philadelphia - Brandon Meriweather, S, Miami (FL) - This pick seems to be etched in stone. 1

    27. New Orleans - Jon Beason, LB, Miami (FL) - The Saints could use some youth and more athletic players in their linebacking corps. They're good, but could be better. Good value pick. Also the third straight Miami player. 1

    28. New England - David Harris, LB, Michigan - Ever since the rumor floated that the Patriots were taking Harris at #28, I bought into it easily. 1

    29. Baltimore - Ben Grubbs, G, Auburn - Grubbs is the best guard in the draft, and Baltimore needs to add some youth up front. 2

    30. San Diego - Anthony Gonzales, WR, Ohio State - Gonzales has that "San Diego receiver" quality to him. I'm hearing from everyone it seems that he's a first rounder now, so here we go. 1

    31. Chicago - Paul Posluszny, LB, Penn State - If Briggs is gone, they gotta take this guy. Urlacher and Posluszny playing side by side, eh? Scary. drafted 2nd rd.

    32. Indianapolis - Justin Harrell, DT, Tennessee - Simple enough pick. BPA and fills a need for the champs. 1
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    cannot find my old post so copied off a draft of it. got completly frustrated with not knowing what teams would do so in the end just did a draft board for the 1st rd. & let the chips/prospects fall where they may-

    pre-draft value pick board post draft results

    1. Calvin Johnson, WR Georgia Tech 1. Oakland, JaMarcus Russell 1
    2. JaMarcus Russell, QB LSU 2. Detroit, Calvin Johnson 1
    3. Brady Quinn, QB Notre Dame 3. Cleveland, Joe Thomas 1
    4. Adrian Peterson, RB Oklahoma 4. Tampa Bay, Gaines Adams 1
    5. Joe Thomas, OT Wisconsin 5. Arizona, Levi Brown 1
    6. Gaines Adams, DE Clemson 6. Washington, LaRon Landry 1
    7. LaRon Landry, S LSU 7. Minnesota, Adrian Peterson 1
    8. Patrick Willis, LB Ole' Miss 8. Atlanta, Jamaal Anderson 1
    9. Levi Brown, OT Penn State 9. Miami, Ted Ginn Jr. 1
    10. Amobi Okoye, DT Louisville 10. Houston, Amobi Okoye 2
    11. Leon Hall, CB Michigan 11. San Franciso, Patrick Willis 1
    12. Adam Carriker, DT Nebraska 12. Buffalo, Marshawn Lynch 1
    13. Reggie Nelson, FS Florida 13. St. Louis, Adam Carrker 1
    14. Jamaal Anderson, DE Arkansas 14. NY Jets, Darrelle Revis 1
    15. Darrelle Revis, CB Pittsburgh 15. Pittsburgh, Lawrence Timmons 1
    16. Dwayne Bowe, WR LSU 16. Green Bay, Justin Harrell (n/a early 2nd) 1
    17. Alan Branch, Michigan 17. Denver, Jarvis Moss drafted 2nd rd. #33
    18. Lawrence Timmons, LB FSU 18. Cincinnati, Leon Hall 1
    19. Jon Beason, LB Miami 19. Tennessee, Michael Griffin 1
    20. Brandon Meriweather, FS Miami 20. NY Giants, Aaron Ross 1
    21. Robert Meachem, WR Tennessee 21. Jacksonville, Reggie Nelson 1
    22. Paul Posluszny, LB Penn State 22. Cleveland, Brady Quinn drafted 2nd rd. #34
    23. Joe Staley, OT Central Michigan 23. Kansas City, Dwayne Bowe 1
    24. Ben Grubbs, OG Auburn 24. New England, B.Meriweather 1
    25. Tedd Ginn Jr. OSU 25. Carolina, Jon Beason 1
    26. Aaron Ross, CB UT 26. Dallas, Anthoney Spencer 1
    27. Marshawn Lynch, RB CAL 27. New Orleans Robert Meachem 1
    28. Chris Houston, DB Arkansas 28. San Fransico, Joe Staley drafted 2nd rd. #41
    29. Greg Olson, TE Miami 29. Baltimore Ben Grubbs 1
    30. Michael Griffin, S UT 30. San Diego, Craig Davis 1
    31. Anthony Spencer, DE Purdue 31. Chicago, Greg Olson 1
    32. Jarvis Moss, DE Florida 32. Indianapolis, Anthony Gonzalez 1

    thats a score of 30

    the only pick I got right was the Texans, but far as I'm concerned the only one that counts :)
  6. awtysst

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    Here was my final. I couldnt find it online so I copied and paste off my HD

    1. Oakland, JaMarcus Russell(2)
    2. Detroit, Calvin Johnson (2)
    3. Cleveland, Joe Thomas (2)
    4. Tampa Bay, Gaines Adams(2)
    5. Minne(trades with Arizona) Adrian Peterson(2)
    6. Washington, LaRon Landry (2)
    7. Arizona, Levi Brown(2)
    8. Atlanta, Jamaal Anderson (2)
    9. Miami, Brady Quinn(1)
    10.Houston, Amobi Okoye (2)
    11. San Franciso, Patrick Willis (2)
    12. Buffalo, Marshawn Lynch (2)
    13. St. Louis, Adam Carrker (2)
    14. Carolina, Leon Hall(1)
    15. Pittsburgh, Lawrence Timmons(2)
    16. Green Bay, Darrel Revis(1)
    17. Jacksonville, Reggie Nelson(2)
    18. Cinicinatti, Alan Branch (0)
    19. Tennessee, Dwayne Bowe (1)
    20. NY Giants, Aaron Ross (2)
    21. Denver, Jarvis Moss(2)
    22. Dallas, Joe Staley(1)
    23. Kansas City, Robert Meachem(1)
    24. New England, B.Meriweather (2)
    25. New York Jets, Michael Griffin(1)
    26. Philly, Paul Pozlusky(0)
    27. New Orleans, Anthoney Spencer 1
    28. New England, Chris Houston (0)
    29. Baltimore Ben Grubbs(2)
    30. 30. San Diego, Ted Ginn (1)
    31. Chicago, Greg Olson(2)
    32. Indianapolis, Justin Harrell (1)

    And Beerlover, you were right, I did miscalculate. I have a 47 not a 49. Thanks buddy!
  7. beerlover

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    May 1, 2004
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    your welcome :)

    simply amazing draft projection awtysst I know who to follow next year :king:
  8. Kaiser Toro

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    Straight Outta Austin
    I had him going to Miami.

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