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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Lions Faithful, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. What's up Texans fans? I come in peace I think you guys have a promising young team similar to ours. D.Davis is on my fantasy team, Carr has a bright future, and I love Andre Johnson the kid has all kinds of skills. This is gonna be a great game good luck and enjoy i just hope 3 things: we both come out healthy, THE REFS DON"T BLOW ANY CALLS[never gonna happen] and obviously the Lions pull it off but other than that good luck the rest of the season and stay healthy.
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    Thank you for the good wishes. Here's to great game on Sunday!
    I recently had the chance to go to Detroit and I felt your win in the air for that first game against Chicago... yes, something told me...
    Now as for this week.. Lions are riding on a HIGH ... Texans are fighting MAD to get it going this week it should be an interesting game.
    BUT.. Texans will prevail .. get a win ... and the positive momentum will start!!
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    Good luck to you and your team too. I have no doubt it will be a close game, and I'm sure both young QBs will make at least one mistake. I echo your sentiments about coming out healthy, and no blown calls by the refs. However, I hope the Texans rebound from a tough loss like we usually do and ink out a win.

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