Game Tickets in Bullpen Trade Wanted

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    Some of you know, I'm selling Jerseys for 75 apiece, genuine stuff. My dream this year is to see a texans game and tailgate with you. I'm not making any money on these jersey deals, but what I would like to do is get 2 bullpen tickets, and in exchange I will get you any 2 jerseys that you want from my entire collection for sale. If you have the tickets, I'd like to do a straight swap, I know bullpen tickets normally run like 70-80 so if I have to make up a little cash difference I'm fine with that but it would mean the world to me to take my fiancee to a game this season so if anybody is interested please call/text my cell at 409-599-8660. I'll pay extra for a parking pass if I have to but I'd just love to see the texans in person, and if any of you want to do the swap please let me know, because financially I can't see a way of me getting a ticket this year.


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