Frustrating Result, But That Was a Damn Good Game!

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by DexmanC, Nov 9, 2009.

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    There are a ton of threads here nitpicking and overreacting to this loss.
    This was NOT a "Rosencopter" game, as the ENTIRE TEAM made enough
    mistakes to get blown out 38-3. The defense play intensely, but they
    also gave extra downs to the Colts with silly penalties.

    The offense LITERALLY could not move the ball for FOUR possessions! They
    had less than 10 TOTAL YARDS after FOUR POSESSIONS. Moats fumbled,
    Schaub threw two picks, on the road, against the BEST TEAM IN THE NFL!
    Did they get whooped 38-3? Did they crater, and allow the Colts to put
    them away? NO!!

    Schaub, on the last drive, did what Schaub does. He sacked up, and gave
    the team a chance to win DESPITE all the mental errors the TEAM made. The
    Texans needed a game like this, to get the Colts "mystique" out of their
    heads. I believe this team will play with a confidence we've never seen
    for the rest of the season. They got over the Tennessee "mystique" with
    a 13-12 victory against that 10-1 football team. I believe they got over
    the same hump yesterday in a 17-20 defeat. This team is quite young, and
    their confidence is growing.

    Gotta love the swagger they showed, throughout the entire storm of mental
    errors. Demeco screaming at Peyton before the snap: "GET IT RIGHT,

    Yesterday was the beginning of a real rivalry. We've finally proven we have
    what it takes, to play with the best. I don't see this game as a collapse
    to the season. The Texans have already shown they have the character
    to be a champion. Most teams that start 3-7 would fold, looking for the
    offseason. The Texans reached that mark last year, ironically via a loss
    at the Colts, and have not lost back to back since. In fact, they are 10-5
    since that defeat at Indy. They finished that 3-7 season on a 5-1 kick, to
    avoid a losing season.

    A lot of knee-jerking fans get upset at what Kubiak tells the media after a
    tough loss. When you look on the sidelines during games, you see the
    REAL Kubiak. He holds players accountable. He's passionate about the game.
    His players feed off him. They fight till the end of time for him. So long
    as this is the case, he's not going ANYWHERE.

    Intelligent, rational Texans fans please respond to this post. I'm sick of all
    the kneejerking after every damned loss. It's getting damn silly. You played
    a tough game, against the best team in the NFL, and almost got away with
    all the sloppy play by the ENTIRE TEAM. No ONE play cost the Texans the
    game, and THEY KNOW IT.
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    I agree.

    Despite the mistakes, despite the refs and their BS penalties on the Texans, they were there at the end. They did not quit.
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    You are right and I agree 100%

    I too have noticed this swagger, on both sides of the ball. These players are focussed and willing to give it all to get the win.

    As you mention our team is young, very young. This is in my view both the reason for our silly mental mistakes, but at the same time it means that we'll grow stronger with experience.

    I am a fan of the game and of this team, I can see that this team has progressed far beyond the Carr/Capers years and that we are competing in every game instead of rolling over in the face of adversity.

    Do I want to win? sure I do, most fans would. But the fact is that I enjoy the games more than I enjoy the wins, and if I only focused on wins (the playoffs or bust rubbish) I would not even bother watching the games.

    Now people can agree with me or they can choose not to, thats fine with me, but blaming fans that have a sense of perspective for being blind or drinking the cool-aid is nothing but silly.

    Just in case someone are still in doubt as to what my priorities are:
    Big win>win>small win>small loss>big loss
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    In the Warehouse

    I did love that. LOL
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    Thanks DexmanC. You summed up how I feel very nicely.

    Rep. :glasshalffull:

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