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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Texans_Chick, Jul 13, 2009.

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    Football Outsiders 2009 Pro Football Almanac is out. I read the Texans section as soon as it came out, and I asked managing editor Bill Barnwell if he was cool with me asking questions based on it. Our convo was so long that he has called it the "free addendum to the Texans chapter."

    I am going to be posting our conversation on my Chron blog--I am breaking it into different posts because it is so long. I did it a little out of order because the Dunta Robinson story is particularly topical:

    Talking Texans with Football Outsiders; Part 1 about Dunta Robinson

    I love talking football with people who love talking football which is one of the reasons why I enjoy this forum so much. Bill is super fun to talk football with.

    I think these might be my favorite series of posts of the summer. So go read them.
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    Thanks for the great read, I love reading those kind of statistical breakdown. Last year I compiled a list of how many sacks a team attained over a 5 year period and how many interceptions they snagged over the same period, and found almost no correlation between the two.

    I saw you asked whether our renewed defensive front four could help out our secondayr, and so Id be really interested to ask a stats guy like this if he has other metrics to measure the interelatedness between defensive front four pressure and turnover rate to see if there really is a link or not.

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