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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by jdog, Sep 12, 2006.

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    Okay, I was thinking about how we can channel the negative energy toward something positive for the team. We can become a multitude of stragegists for our team. Every week there will be areas where we got beat, and our opponents the following week will borrow from the successes of our previous opponents.

    The idea of this thread is to point out a problem in a game and propose a solution. Each post should specifically identify a problem from the previous game. Then you should propose a solution to the problem because simply complaining does no good.

    For example, the 4-4 blitz used by the Eagles caused problems for us. It sounds like they put four players on the strong side and four players on the weak side. One side blitzed, and I guess one side dropped into coverage. We had to guess which side would blitz.

    We could use a split back formation and have each back kind of curl around. They might slow up the blitz if it comes from their direction, but mainly they are getting behind the blitzers for a pass. The back on the side not receiving a blitz would also be ready for a pass/toss. You could also have a receiver on each side running a streak to try to keep the secondary back.

    I do not know anything about football so work with me. Point out what is wrong and/or offer your ideas.
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    I like it...not sure how it would work as i am not a ex's an oh's kinda guy but i would hope that kubiak and the coaches would work on some sort of solution to that type of blitz look so next time we can at least slow it down. Great idea though.

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