Everyone Talks about Bush but....

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by dmacgreg37, Dec 19, 2005.

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    Is that the consensus on here, that everyone wants him if we get the 1st pick? I personally think that one of the fews postives on the Texans is D-Davis, and I understand at #1 you draft the best player, but there are a lot bigger needs to fill, isn't there? Leinart isn't the answer either, he will be a below-average NFL QB, at least as 1st rounders go. He would defintely not be an improvement on Carr (sadly).
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    You don't know that. No one does. Especially with QB's, the draft is a crapshoot. The best QB in the NFL (Tom Brady) wasn't projected to do anything in the NFL, neither was Bret Favre. Also, how many QB's that were supposed to be locks for the NFL have busted? The QB position in the NFL is arguably the hardest position to master in pro sports. It is also the hardest position to scout and project.
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    We may as well give up the Reggie Bush talk. Now that we're even with SF, we'll surely beat them.

    Doesn't matter. We've got to get the GM position squared away. Way too many blunders on personnel evaluations. They caught lightning in a bottle with DD. Too bad so many others have proven to be a bust.
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    the texans know how to dissapoint, lose early and win late to piss off the maximum number of fans.
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    That was not the consensus. I never wanted Bush unless we signed OL in FA. He would nothing to help this team but get us back to the same spot we are at right now. Leinhart would be killed on this team for the exact same reason Bush wouldnt help us. Because we dont have an O-Line to protect in the passing game and the lack of TE to take the 8th man out of the box. Our best bet is OL or CB in the 1st round. Eric Winston, D brick at O-line or Jimmy Williams to play opposite Drob
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    I'm with you on the OL part but I think it will be much easier to find a CB in free agency that an OL. There are only two notable OLinemen that are currently scheduled to be free agents (LeCharles Bentley and Steve Hutchinson) and both will likely be resigned before becoming free agents or else we will be one of 31 teams fighting for them in free agency. I think CB is also not as big of a weakness as some people think if we can bring in a defensive coordinator that will put pressure on the opposing QBs and not give them all day to pick apart the 3-4 cover 2 zones that we currently run.

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