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    The first round of the NFL draft is the biggest sports event of the year that doesn't involve anything more athletic than walking up a few steps and shaking hands with Paul Tagliabue. But the selection extravaganza offers fans a chance to talk football and dream of better things for their favorite team.
    Assuming the team doesn't blow the pick.

    Once upon a time, a lot of people liked prospects like Ryan Leaf and Blair Thomas. That's why we want SportsNation to go on the record. You've seen what the experts think, but who do you think each team should select in the first round?

    In the days leading up to the draft, we're putting each team on the clock and asking you to make the pick. Check the schedule below and vote on the first round!

    No. 1: Houston Texans

    SN Pick: Reggie Bush, 75%
    Next: Vince Young, 10%

    Texas: Bush, 62%


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