Eagle OT Runyan UFA to Texans??

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by BigDTexansFan, Jul 15, 2005.

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    Eagles | Runyan Entering Contract Year
    Thu, 14 Jul 2005 20:51:01 -0700

    PhiladelphiaEagles.com reports Philadelphia Eagles OT Jon Runyan is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent following the season. Runyan has started 128 straight regular season games.
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    Runyan is strictly a RT. And Wade will still have 4 years left on his contract after the '05 season.

    I'm moving this to the NFL discussion area.
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    Consisdering that Runyan has played for 10 years, he will retire before he signs with another team.
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    Just giving you guys the warning early...unless there are some releases the early FA LT candidates are no better than the junk that was out there this year...the draft on the other hand

    will find the 2006 FA link to post. well how about a cut and paste from huddlereport.com (note: the position general not specific to LT or RT)

    2006 UFA DEPTH CHART 6/20 1st TEAM 2nd TEAM 3rd TEAM

    QB Drew Brees - Chargers Jeff Garcia - Lions Steve McNair - Titans

    RB Priest Holmes - Chiefs Jamal Lewis - Ravens Ahman Green - Packers

    FB Fred Beasley - 49ers Lorenzo Neal - Chargers Jon Ritchie - Eagles

    WR Hines Ward - Steelers David Givens - Patriots Peter Warrick - Bengals

    WR Reggie Wayne - Colts Isaac Bruce - Rams Troy Brown - Patriots

    TE Bubba Franks - Packers Randy McMichael - Dolphins Freddie Jones - Panthers

    OT Jeff Backus - Lions Kenyatta Walker - Buccaneers Tom Ashworth - Patriots

    OT Mike Pearson - Jaguars Stockar McDougle - Dolphins Jon Runyan - Eagles
    OG Steve Hutchinson - Seahawks Toniu Fonoti - Chargers Chester Pitts - Texans

    OG Benji Olson - Titans Vince Manuwai - Jaguars Rex Tucker - Rams

    OC Mike Flanagan - Packers LeCharles Bentley - Saints Tom Nalen - Broncos

    K Adam Vinatieri - Patriots Mike Vanderjagt - Colts Ryan Longwell - Packers

    1st TEAM 2nd TEAM 3rd TEAM
    DE John Abraham - Jets Andre Carter - 49ers Hugh Douglas - Eagles

    DE Darren Howard - Saints Tony Weaver - Ravens Duane Clemons, Bengals

    DT Corey Simon - Eagles Ryan Pickett - Rams Grady Jackson - Packers

    DT Casey Hampton - Steelers Orpheus Roye - Browns Chris Hovan - Buccaneers

    LB Julian Peterson - 49ers Tommy Polley - Ravens Kailee Wong - Texans

    LB Dan Morgan - Panthers Sam Cowart - Vikings Andra Davis - Browns

    LB Mike Vrabel - Patriots Jamie Winborn - 49ers David Thornton - Colts

    CB Charles Woodson - Raiders Nate Clements - Bills Deshea Townsend - Steelers

    CB Patrick Surtain - Chiefs Will Allen - Giants Lenny Walls - Broncos

    S Adam Archuleta - Rams Donovan Darius - Jaguars Tank Williams - Titans

    S Mike Minter - Panthers Dexter Jackson - Buccaneers Corey Chavous - Vikings

    P Darren Bennett - Vikings Scott Player - Cardinals Dave Zastudil - Ravens
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    H-Town stomping once again!
    Quite honestly I can't say I'd be willing to go after any of those players listed given our current team.

    I'd maybe go after C. Hampton on the Defensive side b/c of Walker and Payne's age and injuries. He'd look good next to TJ (considering he looks good at all).

    The colts wont be able to afford to keep R. Wayne but I can't see us picking him up. The OL available didn't move me at all besides backus whom i can't see leaving DET.

    I wouldn't mind one of those safeties as an eventual replacement for Coleman at FS for better tackling.

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