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    Click the link at the bottom for the explanations and the difference between keeper leagues and dynasty leagues. Looks like Carr is starting to get some respect in the Fantasy world.

    Rank - Name - Team - Age (Turning in 2005) - Comments

    Tier One
    1 Peyton Manning Colts 29 Receivers are stable. Plenty of 4,000+ yard, 35 TD years to go. QBs last longer than RBs.
    2 Daunte Culpepper Vikings 28 Loss of OC Scott Linehan and possible loss of Moss keeps him from #1. Still a top six pick.

    Tier Two
    3 Donovan McNabb Eagles 29 No longer runs. Secondary receivers are a concern, but system is excellent. May not provide value early.
    4 Michael Vick Falcons 25 Value only rises from here. Same age as Phillip Rivers. Rushing yards twice as valuable as passing yards.
    5 Tom Brady Patriots 27 Improves every year. Y/A rising. Consistency counts for plenty. Hot girlfriend.
    6 Marc Bulger Rams 28 Would have been #4, but he's tied to Martz and an injury waiting to happen with their protection schemes.
    7 Carson Palmer Bengals 26 Risky this high, but we see him as top ten in 2005, top five beyond. The Bengals will strike deep.
    8 Trent Green Chiefs 35 Old, but only a starter for five years. He should remain a top five-type for a few more years.

    Tier Three
    9 David Carr Texans 26 Poor finish will keep stock down, but solid yardage. Just needs better teammates at WR and OL.
    10 Matt Hasselbeck Seahawks 30 Unrestricted free agent, but likely to stay. Current uncertainty on entire Seattle team hurts presently.
    11 Ben Roethlisberger Steelers 24 May never pile up passing yards with Cowher, but rushing ability helps. Can't help but expect greatness in time.
    12 Drew Brees Chargers 27 Likely isn't in San Diego for long.
    13 Chad Pennington Jets 29 A good leader, but never has big games. Injury history is a concern
    14 Jake Plummer Broncos 31 He's 32, so expecting him to 'get it' may be futile. His ranking depends partly on your interception scoring.
    15 Aaron Brooks Saints 29 Consistent numbers, but uncertain future. Could see him bouncing around.
    16 Byron Leftwich Jaguars 25 Long delivery, but we love his toughness and everything about him. May never put up top five numbers.
    17 Brett Favre Packers 37 Can't expect more than two seasons. Sweet O-line. Might be too low here.

    Tier Four
    18 Eli Manning Giants 25 Showed plenty in last three games. Should be a stud by year four. Will take patience.
    19 Steve McNair Titans 32 Boom or bust pick. Nearing end of career. Health is a major factor, but still big upside.
    20 Jake Delhomme Panthers 31 We're guilty of underrating, but the Panthers should remain a run-first team.
    21 Philip Rivers Chargers 25 Could start in '05. In Marty we trust? Will take patience.
    22 Kerry Collins Raiders 34 Good value. Put up huge per-start numbers in Oakland. Should be there a few years. A cheaper Jake Plummer.
    23 Brian Griese Bucs 31 Depends on re-signing with Bucs. If so, look for Gruden to continue working magic.

    Tier Five
    24 Rex Grossman Bears 26 Remember him? Has the job, but we have no idea what he'll do with it.
    25 J.P. Losman Bills 24 Mularkey has good history with QBs, but we'll believe it when we see it. Inconsistent college career.
    26 Kyle Boller Ravens 25 Fassell and offseason signings should help. Has the tools, does he have the head?
    27 Patrick Ramsey Redskins 26 One year to prove he's the man. Significant growth potential.
    28 Joey Harrington Lions 27 We simply don't believe. Could face major challenge for playing time.

    Tier Six
    29 Billy Volek Titans 29 Possible future stud. Nearly a must draft for McNair owners.
    30 Chris Simms Bucs 25 We think he's a future star, but when does future start?
    31 Tim Rattay 49ers 28 Likely holding a place for high draft pick.
    32 Jeff Garcia Browns 35 Body is wearing down. He's likely to be released, but could be intriguing in Detroit or Arizona.
    33 Kelly Holcomb Browns 32 Free agent who may get chance to start in Cleveland. Not a bad gamble right now.
    34 A.J. Feeley Dolphins 28 Hold on starting job is tenuous.
    35 Drew Bledsoe Bills 34 An old 34. Will get released. Could end up in Dallas, but very little upside.

    Tier Seven
    36 David Garrard Jacksonville 27 Should get a chance to start someday. Restricted Free Agent.
    37 Josh McCown Cardinals 26 The Cardinals will probably find someone to displace him.
    38 Matt Schaub Falcons 24 Great rookie preseason. Future trading chip and Vick owner must.
    39 Drew Henson Cowboys 25 Solid chance to start games in 2005. Could prove to be solid value pick.
    40 Brad Johnson Bucs 37 One year removed from big production. Intriguing if he starts in Arizona. Huge if.
    41 Jon Kitna Bengals 34 Worth owning in deep leagues in case he gets another shot.
    42 Kurt Warner Giants 34 Showed he can still play, but unlikely to get starting job. Good scrabble score.
    43 Tommy Maddox Steelers 34 Probably stuck as a backup. Throws too many picks
    44 Luke McCown Browns 24 Forced to play way too soon. A few years away, if ever.

    Tier Eight
    45 Mike McMahon Lions 26 Unresticted free agent. Decent backup in West Coast system.
    46 Rohan Davey Patriots 27 New England may look to trade. Tubby, but huge arm.
    47 Ken Dorsey 49ers 24 Didn't get a fair chance, but ceiling looks low.
    48 Trent Dilfer Seahawks 34 If Hasselbeck leavesÂ…
    49 Jay Fiedler Dolphins 34 Best Jewish QB in the league.
    50 Todd Bouman Saints 33 Might be closer to challenging Aaron Brooks than most think
    51 Marques Tuiassassopo Raiders 26 Who knows when he'll get a chance to play.
    52 Gus Frerrote Vikings 34 Could end up in Denver as Plummer's backup.
    53 Craig Nall Packers 26 Look good in limited work. Favre's backup.
    54 Quincy Carter Jets 28 Off-field troubles cloud future for unrestricted free agent.
    55 Tony Romo Cowboys 25 Better than the Olive Garden
    56 Mark Brunell Redskins 35 Should lead the league in $$/yard

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    I proficise that David Carr will be the 3rd string QB in the Pro-Bowl this year behind Peyton and Brady. The great one has spoken. So shall it be written so shall it be done. :howdy: :piano: :thankyou:
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    dynasty leagues sound intriguing... may look to join one of those or maybe just a keeper league this year
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    He had a pretty good 1st half of the season...I think he'll be more consistent throughout the entire season next year and if so he'll be one of the top 10 of the QB's.

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