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    Most years (couldn't do it last year), I put together a large spreadsheet to help me keep track of all the players during the draft. I pull the info from 6 public sites and basically rank the players by the average from those 6 sites. In the past, some other people have enjoyed having this, also.

    If you want to get the spreadsheet (it is in Excel), there are three options:
    • A Really Basic Spreadsheet (just data)
    • A Spreadsheet Where You Can Set Weights. To change weights, go to the Weights tab at the bottom. It will let you change the relative weighting of the 6 draft websites (larger values mean more weight, smaller ones less weight).
    • A Spreadsheet With a Sort Button. You can set weights here, also. There is an extra column for actual pick. I use this one during the draft: enter the actual pick next to each person's name, and then just press the SORT button. It will sort by actual pick number, and the remaining ones will be sorted by Overall Average Rank. Note: the button is a macro, so this is a macro-enabled workbook. Some software will block macros (including possibly downloading the file).
    • And, for those who want to see the original setup, you can get the full spreadsheet here (without some of the features/formatting). I expect most people would want one of the others, though.

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    Uh... wow, thanks.

    Very interesting.

    I like how some of these sites grades as As, or 5s
    NationalFootballPost Round
    Scout Stars

    Then some give grades
    NationalFootballPost Grade
    NFL.com Grade

    Looking at those, I think, gives you a clearer picture of how it's as much about personal preference once you get to a certain level. These QBs for instance, several of them get the same grade, which is more likely the case. One team will weigh certain things higher than another team so one team might have Bortles as the best QB in this draft & another might have Manziel.

    I don't like how some of these sites rank them. It makes joe blow think that so&so is the best QB & has been the best QB since they stopped playing football & yada, yada, yada... as if Mike Mayock ever drafted a QB to play for an NFL team.

    In a draft like this, you should expect a QB with a first round grade to drop out of the first, maybe even to the third through no fault of his own, & that's true value. His chances of being a successful NFL QB is no less after falling to the 2nd or 3rd.

    If I were a Teddybot, nothing could make me happier than knowing the Texans won't draft a QB with the #1 overall & my guy is falling into the second.

    If he is who we think he is, it's going to show. Falling may even provide the motivation to be even better than he would have been.
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    Nicely offered, nicely done. Repped.
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    ranking is a *****, really not in agreement with multiple sources/outlets but thanks for the spread sheet. Mike Mayock had Barr @ #20 & Donald #24 hence I lost a lot of respect for his rankings which in turn contaminated group as a whole.
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    I was not too happy with any of the ranking sites I use. Glad Texans did not panic and buy into the hype of Savage and got him much cheaper. I had mocked him at round seven about 1/2 way through season. I had him late round five & he is as good a prospect as any other.
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