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Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by Doppelganger, Sep 30, 2013.

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    Doppelganger typically never does a mock this early, but its kneejerk reaction time!

    I think the Texans will be looking at a loss to SF and thus a 2-3 record after 5 games. That said, while I think improvements can be made, I don’t see this team making a major turn around. There are still 2 games against the Colts and 1 each against the Broncos and Patriots. At this point I think the Texans lose 3 of those 4. In addition, the Chiefs have a stingy defense and the Cardinals and Raiders are no slouches. I have a feeling the Texans lose to the Chiefs and beat the Cardinals and Raiders. That would put them at approximately 9-7 if they can take care of the other games. It is my projection the Texans end up picking in the mid to late teens in the next draft.

    So with that in mind, this is how GM Doppelganger would handle the draft. In this universe juniors and seniors are available.

    1. Brett Hundley, QB, UCLA, 6’3, 227lbs, 4.69
    Schaub is an average quarterback. He is not a gamechanger and will never be one. That is not a knock on him, it is just what he is. There is nothing wrong with average, but if you are going for the Superbowl, you need above average and game changer. Enter Mr. Hundley. Hundley may not declare, but if he does Htown should go get him. He led the team back against the Cornhuskers and has a good arm and feet. Hundley is a gamechanger who in essence turned the entire UCLA program around on his own. He plays in a prostyle offense and has been molded to be a pocket passer with running ability. While Manziel got all the headlines, I think Hundley is the better QB and will be the better pro. I would take him in the first and let him start Day

    2. Adrian Hubbard, OLB, Alabama, 6’6, 252lbs
    In a 3-4 the name of the game is getting pressure from both edge rushers. Merculis is getting some success while Reed looks completely lost at times. Reed would likely be much better at ILB next to Cush. Hubbard is a strong OLB pass rushing prospect. He is strong against the run and passrushes like a man possessed. VERY high motor type of guy. He would start at OLB, pushing Reed inside next to Cush. One move to improve two positions.

    3. Seantrel Henderson, OT, Miami, 6’8, 336lbs, 5.19
    Newton simply hasn’t played well enough to simply anoint him the starter. Yes, Henderson is big, but he is also very athletic. Yes, he had back surgery but if he can play the way I know he can, he could be a steal here in the third. Brennan Williams may not make it and I don’t want to have Williams and Newton as my only RT options.

    4. Jerry Gates, Bowling Green University, FS, 5’11, 190lbs, 4.5
    Last year the Texans drafted Swearinger to replace Manning. I take Gates to replace Reed. Gates is a true ball hawking FS. He is also a very good KR and could help on the special teams. Give him a year with Reed and let him start the year after.

    5. Kelcy Quarles, DE, South Carolina, 6’4, 298lbs, 5.05
    A solid DE to give depth/compete for a starting spot when Ninja leaves town. He can tackle, get in the backfield, and play fairly well against the run.

    6. Beau Allen, NT, Wisconsin, 6’3, 325lbs, 5.39
    I know the Texans won’t take a guy like him, but I will. He is the kind of big run stopping NT you need on a 3-4 defense on first and second down. Let him clog the lane and play the run, will allow JJ, Ninja/DE, and LBs from getting free. Plus he would reduce wear and tear on the LB corp.

    7. Marcus Coker, RB, Stony Brook, 6’0, 230lbs, 4.60
    Tate is as good as gone next year and that leaves the Texans with only Foster and Wood. Coker has some character issues, but he has talent. A physical one cut runner he would be a great change of pace physical back that could be used in short yardage situations.

    So have at it, its a kneejerk mock afterall!!!
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    My knee jerk reaction is I really like it! My personal choice remains franchise QB in first so we're in agreement but where we differ is I also want to hit on a starting caliber CB in 2nd. Understand OL concerns but with a more mobile QB is this OL really all that bad? Brown comes back next week, maybe Ryan moves to right side & Newton gets 100% healthy. Breenan Williams is stashed on IR so only Texans know his probability & future effectiveness. I would hate to spend another high pick on RT position when other teams get by with far less. Like all your other players pulled, very solid as usual!
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    I was mocking Matt Scott to the Texans last year with the theory that Scott would sit and learn this year and Schuab would get cut next year. Now with various reports suggesting the Texans can get rid of Schaub in June for a few mill I think the writing is on the wall. Time to go get that elite QB.

    In today's NFL you almost need 2 LTs simply because of the amount of very good OLBs. Look at the Ravens: they have Suggs and Dumervill. If the Texans had 2 Duane Browns, they would have been able to better handle the opponent's pass rush. Is Williams the guy? I have no idea. What I like about Henderson is his size: 6'8 330+lbs and athletic. I firmly believe the Texans are building a bigger athletic OL to compete with the bigger, stronger, DLs of the modern NFL. I see Quiz as a replacement for Smith next year, so Henderson could fit in.

    The other issue is, whoever the Texans take at QB(assuming they take a QB #1), will need time to adjust to the NFL. Luck got killed last year by his OL and they are not doing too many favors for him this year either. The New Qb needs a little help to keep him upright. Taking someone like Henderson wouldn't be a bad thought.

    I can certainly understand the need for a CB. There are two schools of thought here: dial up the pressure with elite OLB and use solid QBs to cover for less time or go with elite level CBs and have lesser players putting pressure on the QB. My theory is that every QB is susceptible to pressure and even Peyton Manning or Tom Brady get rattled when they can't get their feet set and scan the field. Unfortunately the NFL is really hampering CBs and Safeties in terms of what they are allowed to do. This makes the idea of investing big $ in a CB a harder road to go knowing they can't use the tricks of the past. Thus I like the idea of using the theory of the superbowl winning Giants (both times over Manning) and just do everything we can to apply silly amounts of pressure from the front 4.
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    1. I really like Hundley, but he is very raw. Might not even come out this year. What the Texans need to do is decide if they are going to move on from Matt Schaub. If they are, then is Yates or Keenum the guy. If not, then we must address the QB position.

    2. I like Hubbard, but I'm skeptical of Alabama players at this point. We saw this same kind of upside with Upshaw and he's done jack in the league.

    3. Not a fan of Henderson. He's never been able to put things together off the field and has been a disappointment on it. O-Line is deep this year and we can find better players than him.

    4. Gates seems like a good player. Need to watch more of him.

    5. Quarles is a solid player. Not sure if he ever becomes a starting-caliber player, but he's definitely rotation worthy.

    6. I'm not that familiar with Allen, but I don't see the need. We go over this every year.....the Texans aren't drafting a "big run-stuffing NT". That's not Wade's scheme. He wants guys who can penetrate.

    7. The character concerns are obvious, but I do think he's talented. Reminds me a bit of Tate. Could be worth a shot late in the draft.
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    Looks pretty good, Dopp. Here are my thoughts:

    1) I like going QB, and I like Hundley's upside. However, like I said in a different thread, he is raw- too raw to be useful in 2014. I am looking for a more ready player.

    2) We just happen to disagree on OLB, as I responded to you in another thread. Hubbard is a good player though.

    3) BOOOO! I love the position, hate the player. Guy just does not put it together on the field. Would not touch in the draft.

    4) I will have to watch some film.

    5) Has never stood out to me, I will have to focus on him the next time I watch SC.

    6) I like it! Big NT, load against the run, not much help against the pass though.

    7) I like this pick too.

    Nice draft.

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