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Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by Ole Miss Texan, Mar 12, 2010.

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    Mock with some players I like. Tried to go after guys that fit our needs, seemed to be BPA and really just smart football players.

    1. Joe Haden CB Florida – Best CB in the draft. It’s doubtful he slips to us but that’s the flavor of the week and I’ll run with it. Has the potential to be a shutdown corner and be our #1. Quin likely starts as well, with Reeves as our 3rd CB. Gotta stop Peyton. A much improved secondary will help our DL get pressure on the opposing QB's.

    2. Ben Tate RB Auburn – Smart, strong runner that is a one-cut-and-go guy with a nice burst to the hole. Looks to be a good teammate, leader, can catch the ball out of the backfield, can pick up the blitz and help out Schaub through pass protection. Tate will likely get the bulk of the carries, Foster will continue developing into a solid contributor and Slaton will stay healthy while relegated to being a 3rd down back. Looks like a solid backfield.

    3. Tyson Alualu DT California – Pass rushing disruptive DT. Versatile lineman that can play along the line and can penetrate/collapse the pocket. Smart, team player that will eventually start next to Okoye. These two DT’s will help each other be successful and longterm starters on our team.

    4. Brian Jackson CB/S Oklahoma – Jackson gets drafted to develop as a FS but sits behind Eugene Wilson at first. Has an excellent burst and is a good tackler. Should develop into the FS we desire that can come up on the line and cover a WR as well.

    5. Pat Angerer LB Iowa – Simply a football player. Is undersized but can flat out play football. Too good to pass up in the 5th and is excellent depth at the LB position. Could come in a play immediately if Demeco or Cushing get dinged (knock on wood).

    6. Adam Ulatoski OT/OG Texas – Left Tackle for the Horns could be a good fit for the ZBS. Primarily selected with the idea he develops into a LG. Is a good pass blocker but need to develop is run blocking skills. As a backup at first, he should get some great coaching.

    6. Kerry Meier WR Kansas – Meier looks to be a solid addition in the 6th round. A very good route runner and blocker, two things Kubiak covets. Helps to strengthen a unit on the team that is already strong.

    7. Aaron Pettrey K Ohio St. – Simply stated, he comes in to push Kris Brown and give him competition. In the end, Brown keeps his job and Pettrey goes on the practice squad. Could develop as the guy we want in another year or two.
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    Isn't Alualu more of a 3-4 End? I also heard he is rising fast and should go in the second round. I like the first two picks.
  3. TheRealJoker

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    Love the Angerer pick. He'd be quite the force to reckon with on special teams along with Bentley.
  4. TexanFan87

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    Feb 3, 2010
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    In the 3rd I see Houston from Texas as a more realistic pick than the rising Alualu. But I would be happy with either.
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    Understand that Pat Angerer disappointed at combine and speed was 4.75. Comment was he did well in college on instincts but would have hard time in NFL.

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