Digging Thru The "trash" For Some "stash"

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by CloakNNNdagger, Aug 27, 2007.

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    As the Texans look for those pearls of players that require the pressure wash to remove the garbage that camouflaged their value while on another team, will we continue sifting through and focusing on the Bonco/Packer packages?

    In their 1st 2 games, the Broncos couldn't stopt the run........in the last, they couldn't stop the pass. If it is indeed the new system being employed that is the problem, and not the talent, then we may see some players released worth looking at........maybe, even a FS.

    The Packers are into their 2nd year of a "new" defense. They may have more talent than they can hold onto.

    It is obvious, that Kubiak and Sherman have a "good relationship" with their previous teams, and seeming cooperation in dealing........and of course "insider trading" information. All of this makes it more likely that we have not seen the end of the Denver/Greenbay--Houston Connection.

    If not from these 2 teams, which other teams do you think may have the types of players that the Texans would most benefit from closely sniffing through their "trash?"
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    DB's from Baltimore, Indy, NE...
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    what he said...:user:
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    DB's for sure. LT for insurance. Jordan Black hasn't convinced me that he's a viable option, yet. He seems like he's got a good heart, but gets out-muscled and lacks adequete speed. Unfortunantly, quality LT's in the FA market are hard to find.

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