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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Imatexanfan, Dec 30, 2006.

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    Once again....

    As fans we like the downfield pass plays, the bombs that bring us to our feet with enough noise to blow Reliant's walls out. We love the breath taking runs by the tailbacks all the things that make NFL football the uniquely American artform that it is. It is America's number one sport and that is no more true than right here in the cradle of football passion and talent - Texas.
    Yet none of that is possible without the guys up front holding their blocks long enough to allow the receiver to actually get 18 or 20 or more yards downfield. Running backs, regardless of the name, don't open holes by themselves - not consistently anyway. In short, the line - on both sides of the ball - is the engine that drives the machine. This franchise's failure is nowhere more evident than right there; our lines have been the laughing stock of the NFL for five years. :shades:

    Ladd Herzeg may have been a classless jerk who saw nothing wrong with mooning a wedding party, but he knew how to build a football team, and Mike Holavak after him. Warren Moon is in the Hall of fame today, but without the likes of Mike Munchak, Bruce Matthews, Dean Steinkuler, and David Williams, he wouldn't be. What all these guys have in common is they were first round draft choices and Moon's jersey stayed clean in spite of his throwing the ball anywhere from 35 to 50 times a game.

    Poke fun at our B-list secondary all you want, but the defensive line sure doesn't make their job easy. There are no Ray Childress, William Fuller, or Sean Jones to be found among this group. Mario Williams may soon have his name mentioned among that pedigree, but he needs help. :yes:

    "The lines drive the car. The sleek body design and leather interior is nice, but its whats under the hood that matters."
    Go ahead and talk about Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch, Calvin Johnson, and D'Wayne Jarret all you want, but the Texans offense will be the same old crap regardless of who is at the skill positions IF the line doesn't improve. Charles Spencer looked promising in the limited amount of time we were able to see him, Eric Winston may develop into a player, but we need more. Get me Joe Thomas. :marionaner:

    LaRon Landry or Leon Hall won't be able to cover Marvin Harrison and Drew Bennett forever, we need a pass rush to make the quarterback unload the ball. Its amazing how much better a secondary looks when the quarterback isn't allowed to casually go through his reads without so much as a second thought to the pass rush. Put Gaines, Adams or Alan Branch on the line with Mario and I bet Dunta and Petey Faggins suddenly get better. Our secondary, particularly the safties, need a serious upgrade, but a consistenly weak pass rush often makes them look worse than they really are.

    So if the it is announced that the Texans take another lineman, offensive or defensive this April, try to keep that in mind as you are cursing our front office..again.. :secret:
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    We have corners falling down and safeties that can't cover anybody and don't support the corners. That has nothing to do with the Dline. This team needs a #2 corner and a FS, then maybe we'll be able to get something called a coverage sack for once, instead of WRs just running free all over the field.
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    Well, on offense I totally agree with you. On defense, I still say we need at least one good DB. Mario may come back and be much more of a force next year than he has been so far and Weaver will be back I assume. I am so sick of this team not having a good FS and we will miss Aaron Glenn until Faggins is replaced as the #2 corner. How long are we going to have to miss Aaron Glenn?

    We need a good center and I thought Flannagan would be it, but he's just getting too old I guess. I know McKinney ain't it and people keep saying that Hodgedon isn't heavy enough (could he gain weight?). Hopefully, Spencer will be back at LT and healthy, but if not, we need another LT (again). We're not going to be able to pass block until we get a good LT and they stay healthy. Winston should be OK, Pitts is fine right where he is, and I'm OK with Weary.
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    i totally agree with everything you just said. without the line, this team is going nowhere. as an offensive lineman, i understand that the o-line is the least "flashy" position on the team. they dont score touchdowns, they dont make sacks, and they dont put fans in the seats. but without the line, the quarterback has NO time to get a handoff, much less throw a pass. i think this team would be considerably better if we had a halfway decent o-line. we have done ok, but injuries really hurt us, and we desperately need depth.

    joe thomas in the first.:marionaner:
  5. amazingandre

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    Ya id love to have Joe Thomas as well but thatll never happen......both arizona and detroit need one too. so he will not last to the ninth pick(which i think we get) i say trade back and get extra picks if and only if we can gurantee that someone like hall or landry will be there still otherwise pick the best available player....thats what we need one playmaker on either side of the ball.
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    We all hear football is the ultimate team sport. not only offense and defense helping each other out but on one side of the ball as well.

    Fact: If the defensive line was better, they would put more pressure on the qb making it harder for him to complete it to the receiver.

    I completely agree with this and is why i wasn't against the mario pick and think alan branch DT mich. could really help in this regard

    other FACT: If we had a good secondary. ie: sign nate clements and draft LaRon Landry FS LSU #1 or Reggie Nelson FS Florida #1. That will shore up our weak secondary into one of the better ones in the league. this would make it a lot harder for ANY qb to complete a wide open pass downfield thus making him check down to other receiver. This would cause our defensive line to have more time to actually get to him.

    Better Secondary= more sacks and hurries for our D-line
    Better D-line = more pressure= less completions

    While I am completely in agreement we HAVE to shore up or Oline and Dline. This year I feel getting the FA CB and drafting FS #1 will really help our team the most in the short/long run. joe thomas is the only legitimate 1st round tackle and he will most likely be gone by the time we pick. we have to have a good secondary to even have a chance at the colts again.

    Faggins and CC Brown cannot be starters next year if we want to have success.
  7. brewhaus

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    The Texans are more likely to get Joe Staley, Levi Brown or Justin Blalock in the first round than Joe Thomas. Joe will be long gone by the time the Texans get to the podium.

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