Defense: Still lacking talent and horrible coaching...

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by phan1, Dec 11, 2006.

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    I don't know why it seems like our D didn't respect VY's running ability today. The players and especially the coaches did a horrible job today. I remember we had an inside blitz on VY in the redzone on the Titan's final TD of regulation. Babin made an inside move and let VY run for a 1st down. WHAT KIND OF PLAY WAS THAT! He didn't even try to contain anyone on that play! There were dozens of other times where there were open running lanes at the line of scrimmage as well. Did they even know we were playing VY this week? Oh, and note to Richard Smith, Our blitzes were totally picked up today EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    And what the heck happend to Weaver? I've heard coaches and players give rave reviews on this guy, yet I don't even notice him on the football field. ND Kalu said he was the "best Dlineman he played with in years"? And Chris Henry running over Glenn Earl for that huge gain? Pathetic.

    We definitely have a lack of talent on defense. Our outside linebackers were totally soft today, and our Dlineman (much malighned or not) totally didn't do what they were supposed to do. I don't know what would happen if Williams and Ryans weren't on this team.
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    I wish I knew football enough to come up with answers and not just questions, but something has got to be done. I don't think the talent gaps are as wide as they once were, and I think the talent is actually worse on offense than defense - but we need more time and good drafts. I'm just kind of bitter about it all right now. Texas tanked late in the season, and the Texans just aren't doing much to help. Its a hard time to be a fan of my teams :(
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    If an end is assigned to rush the passer, he's going to make a move to get into the pocket any way he can. By collapsing the pocket inside and flushing VY out, Babin did his job. Whatever LB or DBs were supposed to pick up VY made the mistake there. I don't blame coaching or Babin on that one.

    VY is an amazing athlete who is a gifted runner. He's going to break the pocket sooner or later, and he's quick enough to get those yards.

    With regards to weaver, I have no idea what happened to him.

    Our OLBs are always soft but good for a few highlight plays (Orrs sack a few weeks back and Greenwoods ff today stand out)

    Chris Henry? Im sure you mean either Chris Brown or Travis Henry. Whoever you're talking about running over Glenn Earl is to be expected. Earl is a mediocre safety and both of those RBs are pretty good. They would have complained if he hadn't broken the tackl.e

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