cowboys fans in the Bull Pen???

Discussion in 'Tickets, Memorabilia and Gear' started by Mean Machine, Aug 28, 2007.

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    Heard 610 talking about the fact that there were quite a few cowboy fans in the Bull Pen Sat. nite. Is this true??

    My question truly is, how can one get Bull Pen season tix, PSL I am sure, but what do those seats go for each game.

    We would like to someday move down there.
  2. Tedc

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    Bull Pen
    Although I can't explain it, some Texan fans are also Cowgirl fans and they wore thier Cowboys jerseys to show how fickle they really are.

    In the preseason (and during the regular season, especially during disappointing years), some fans do not come to the games and sell thier tickets. This is when we find a larger influx of fans from other teams.

    I noticed you are from Grid Iron, Texas (the loudest section in Reliant?). Why would you want to leave your section for a section of maybe 600 seats?

    Most fans will sell thier tickets for face value when the can't go. A few fans sell thiers on E-bay or Stub Hub to make a profit but if we are winning, you will find the seats for 2-3 times the face on one of those places.

    Last week my wife and kids were out of town and I sold some of my tickets on this board (to Texans fans only). I wish more people cared what type of fans are standing at thier seats.
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    Cowboy fans were all over the place! Unfortunately, we have TEXAN fans who claim to be TEXAN fans, EXCEPT WHEN WE PLAY THE COWBOYS! Personally, I don't get that, BUT, to each his own. Same with the Tennhorns. I have had the same seats since day one, and there are several pseudo TEXAN fans around me who play this game. Also, TEXAN fans sell their tickets in the Bullpen to the highest bidder, who is usually an opposing teams fan. As I have posted somewhere else, this is disgusting to me, but, nothing can be done about it. The BULLPEN is also full of ticketmaster, corp owned seats, and ticket brokers, who keep seats there to make money. TRUST me, this problem has been brought up to the powers that be in the Texan front office many times over the past 5-6 years. Until THEY help correct the problem, the Bullpen will never be the FAN ZONE they want it to be.

    Seats become available every year though. For those of you who want seats in the BULLPEN, contact John Schriever 832-667-2211 or Trey Young 832-667-2235. The only way to get the rif-raf OUT, is for diehard Texan fans to move in!!
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    I guess you can say I was part of the problem. I didn't sell one of my seats but I brought a friend that was a Cowgirl fan with me. The guy that has the seats next to me GAVE his two tickets to a couple of girl friends of his because one of them was a Cowgirls fan and it was for her birthday. There were several Cowgirl fans in the row right behind mine and those seats almost always have the fans of the opposing team in them. So not everybody that was there is a Texans "fan" that roots for the Cowboys and not everybody sold their seats to make a profit. There were too many Cowboy fans there for my taste but I have avoided saying anything because I felt it would have been hypocritical for me to do so since I brought one in.
    The good this is that they all left the game upset.
  5. HardcoreTexan

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    Heck yea..:texflag: I like when they leave upset
  6. Yankee_In_TX

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    Give me negative rep, but I don't mind if you bring a good friend who is an opposing fan. Makes for good razzing. This does not include randomly giving your tickets to someone who supports the opponent merely because you can't go and you're lazy (they guy on the 3rd floor of your office).

    Some season ticket holders (my buddy Mike, Lauren, and the Bears) were life time fans of other teams long before the Texans existed. I also support them wearing opponent's jerseys. I also support througoughly giving them crap the whole game.

    I think the LARGER proglem is, well, go to Ebay or Stubhub. There are practically entire rows from the Bullpen up for grabs every game. It makes me sad. And as we get better as a team and those people profit more, chances of those seats going to fans becomes slim to none.

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