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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Historyhorn, Aug 27, 2007.

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    Any time you get a solid performance in a pre-season game against a team that is legitimately considered to be in the top echelon of the NFL, it is reason for optimism and hope for the upcoming season. When it comes against the Cowboys, that just makes it all the better.

    1) Jacoby Jones looks like he will be an impact player for us both on special teams as well as at WR. His athleticism and speed are as advertised and the small college/no competition criticisms seem to be off base. I have to be honest and say I'm very pleasantly surprised. I was not a fan of this pick when it was made, but I'm turning into a believer.

    2) The O-line looked good against a very good defensive front that trashed the Broncos last week. Dallas' pressure 3-4 will give lots of teams fits and our O-line did very well to only surrender 1 sack. They blitzed and stunted just as they did last week, so our boys up front performed very well.

    3) AJ remains a stud. Owen Daniels appears to be the real deal. And our candidates for number two both had good games. Walter & Jones both made good catches, ran good routes, and held onto the ball.

    4) Green appears to have another couple of good years left in him. Plus Dayne and Gado both appear to be ready for some success as the change of pace back. I'm not completely sold that we will be able to impose our will on teams with the running game week in and week out, but there is reason to have optimism. It will absolutely be the key to our success as the pass game will be predicated on the play action and keeping defenses honest.

    5) The Matt Schaub trade is looking like we'll come out smelling like a rose. His decision-making skills appear to be his strongest asset. He generally makes the right reads and gets the ball to the right place. I'm sure we'll see some errors when the regular season comes around, but I don't see how folks can't be optimistic about his leadership and play. He has underthrown a couple of long balls that would have been touches had they caught the receive in stride, but aside from that, he seems to be able to make every throw.

    6) Our D-line play was better this game, but I'm still not really convinced. Mario started to show some flashes and we held up pretty well against the run, but the pass rush was very hit or miss. There were times when Romo could have set up a tent in the backfield. I'm glad to see some improvement, but this unit worries me.

    7) The LBers were pretty solid all evening. No real glaring errors or poor play. The coverage from this group looked pretty good as well considering that Witten is a very good receiving tight end. Dallas can throw the two tights with Fasano and Witten at you and the guys weren't completely out of their league here.

    8) I'm extremely concerned about our defensive secondary. Aside from Dunta, we're below average. That second rounder for Schaub last year and this year may be manifested in less than acceptable play in the defensive backfield. Good teams will torch our safeties and our D-Line doesn't appear to be disruptive enough to provide them much cover right now. Remember that Terry Glynn, the Cowboys number two didn't play at all last night. We did OK, but this will be an area for concern.

    I'm optimistic. I think an 8-8 season is extremely possible with an outside chance at 9-7. If things go poorly 6 or 7 wins. We're still two years (drafts) away from real playoff contention.

    Go Texans
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    You covered a ton of good points through out the game. I think we have a much more competitive team than any previous year by far...just from what we've seen so far this pre season. Definatly a winning season:texflag:

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