Could we get one of the Philly QBs to Houston?

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by Texans34Life, Jan 19, 2007.

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    Garcia led the team to the playoffs while McNabb was on IR.

    I know this might be a shot in the dark, but can we grab McNabb?
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    23 and NO. Seriously ok let me think about this. McNabb has a long big contract and is a fixture in Philly. Before his injury he was putting up career numbers and the Philly team looked superbowl bound. Garcia came in and did an Admirable job. One of the quiet reasons why he did well was Reid left playcalling duties to Marinelli, who coached Garcia in his good days in San Fran, who also stepped up the running game in Philly. I hope it shows Reid what balance can really do for an offense instead of his pass heavy Offense, which i don't mind but i think it needed to be closer to 60-40 then his predominant 70-75 to 30-25 pass/run. Westbrook really showed up and was able to stay healthy the bulk of the year and the return of a HEALTHY Corell Buckhalter helped a lot. Oh yeah and Jeavon Kearse wil lbe healthy too next year. The Eagles are going to be a scary team next year. I love the way they draft. You know they picked up Winston Justice in the second round too? They build that team through the lines the first too picks of the draft usually and prefer to build their skill spots through free agency.

    I don't see Garcia leaving either. He's at the tail end of his career and he wants to compete for a ring and i think Philly is a good spot for that and the coaching staff knows him well. With McNabb's Injury history lately as well... i expect the Eagles want to retain him as a viable insurance policy.

    Sometimes the posts on this board make me gawk and think maybe there should be a wonderlic to pass to post threads.

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