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Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by TexansBull, Dec 13, 2011.

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    Its going to be a busy year with the firing and hiring coaches. Big name coaches are out there. The list below are coaches I believe could be fired next year, and some coaches that will be available. This is how I think its going to shake up:

    Cowher to San Diego(gets complete control with AJ Smith fired), Gruden to St Louis (loves having a qb), Dungy to Indianapolis (Payton bribes him with the money he didnt earn this year- anything can happen), Billick to Miami, Fisher to Dallas

    Feel free to mention any names left out or some that need to be taken off.

    Coaches fired as of 12/13/2011:
    Jacksonville: Jack Del Rio
    Miami: Tony Sparano
    Kansas City: Todd Haley

    Warm Seat
    San Diego: Norv Turner
    St. Louis: Steve Spagnuolo
    Indianapolis: Jim Caldwell
    New York Giants: Tom Coughlin
    Dallas: Jason Garrett
    Philadelphia: Andy Reid

    Top Coaches Available:
    Bill Cowher
    John Gruden
    Brian Billick
    Jeff Fisher
    Tony Dungee
    Herm Edwards
    Tom Cable
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    Interesting article about the firings in KC and Miami. Especially the Miami one.

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    One thing people should consider about Cowher is if he sits out the 2012 season he will most likely be inducted into the hall of fame.

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