Chris Myers heads up strongest part of "All Underrated Team"

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by 2slik4u, Jun 11, 2011.

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    round rock
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    Myers sure has taken a whipping on this board. I know his father was on here for a while. Must have been tough to read some of that stuff.

    Mr. Myers, if you see this, congrats to your boy for the praise he's getting!
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    Over here.
    I've seen Myers 40 yards down field blocking for Foster. 40 yards!

    I've also seen him cost us the Baltimore game (Schaub's OT pick) and generally get bulldozed by too many 3-4 NTs.

    Mans got a serious skill set and a serious weakness...

    Next time Kubiak calls for a pass in OT from about our own 5 yard line with Myers at center and Foster on our team, I'm joining the FIRE KUBIAK club.
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    Sure, Myers lost that one to Gnata; however, if I was to blame him, I would blame him for the protection call he made (usually, the C make the line call, but who knows, there are instances where other factors may come into play.)

    The Texans loaded the left side with 3 receivers.
    They kept 7 to block 4 pass rushers.
    In such a max-protect scheme, one would expect them to try to get an open passing lane for the QB, which is between the C and the LT.

    Well, they had the RB and the TE blocking the LDE;
    the RT & the RG blocking the LDT;
    the C (Myers) was left alone on the RDT (Gnata);
    and the LT & the LG blocking the RDE.

    A better protection scheme, IMO, would be for:
    the LT & the LG blocking the RDE just the same;
    the C & the RG blocking the RDT;
    the RB was to pick up whoever get past the RT or the TE on the back side of the play.

    That way, Schaub can step up, or slide over to play side with better protection.

    All that said, that one was on Schaub, I'm afraid.
    He was a little late and threw behind the receiver (Walter).
    Both Walter and Jacoby had run swirl route (slanting in and cutting back to the outside) side by side.

    Schaub should have thrown the ball to the outside if he was to throw the ball at all.
    There's no excuse for a QB who can also throw the ball away to make such a poor decision so close to his goal line.
    It wasn't desperation time either!

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