Champ Sports Bowl- Clemson v Colorado

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by ArlingtonTexan, Dec 28, 2005.

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    Clemson versus Colorado-Watch the Clemson players in the future especially that young defense.

    Tye Hill CB 5'10 180-Did not see much from him because of the poor passing game by Colorado and pressure by his front 7. Did bite on a trick play and commit a penalty, but that was smarter than the TD that was about to happen. Elite speed who is considered a possible 1st rounder.

    Charlie Whitehurst QB 6'4 225-has the tools, size, arm, mobility, but really has not consistently put it all together. In this game, team moved the ball but did not score touchdowns until the 2nd half. When I watched him a saw the talent, but gives off a something is missing vibe. 3rd or 4th rounder.

    Charles Bennett DE 6'4 255- pressured the QB consistently. Is in the size/speed ratio of a 3-4 LB. Thinking in the middle round area.

    Future Watch: James Davis RB 6'0 210- has nice build showing speed and power in this game.


    Joel Klatt QB 6'1 210- injuried, late round/FA tough guy type.

    Joel Klopfenstein TE 6'6 245-dropped one pass. The back-up QB did not do a good job of giving him much a chance. Seems like a pass catcher more than a blocker, but is not a dynamic run after catch athlete despite good report speed. 2nd day type.

    Lawrence Vickers FB 6'2 235- a player that I have seen a bit. Does a lot of things blocks , catches some and I believe plays on special teams. A top prospect at his position, but that still probably makes him a 4th or 5th rounder.

    Quinn Sypniewski TE 6'6 245- benefitted when Colorado changed QB and made a couple of catches including a short TD. Has had major injuries in the past, but is a decent on the line Blocker as a TE. Hands OK but not athletic. Late rounder.

    Mason Crosby K (jr) considered an elite kicking prospect. Enough of one where he is legitimately considering coming out as junior.
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    Pretty fair assessment AT. Davis is one of the best freshman RBs I've seen in awhile. Especially considering that Clemson just switched to the zone blocking scheme this year, and have put more of an emphasis on running the ball than throwing as they have in years past. He's a very tough RB, and he's got legitimate big play ability. I look forward to watching him as he progresses during his college career.

    I'm in agreement with you on Whitehurst. I think of him as a talented QB who could be a decent backup in the NFL, but you wouldn't want him leading your team for a large portion of the season due to his inconsistency. He's a talented guy, but just seems to be lacking those intangibles that teams often seek in a starting QB.
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    I am seriously considering putting a new kicker into a mock or two. This kid looks to be good enough to declare.

    Ty Hill has potential but is still very raw. His speed is outstanding.

    No one else in this game really impressed me at all.

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