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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by BattleRedGuy, Jan 4, 2006.

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    Simple question/observation. I have heard that one of our "problems" may be we do not have enough scouts within the organization. I have heard both sides as to why. 1. Bob M. skimped on this side of the organization and 2. Charlie C. does not like alot of scouts around.

    It seems that more or better scouting would have precluded some of our draft/FA issues. It still boggles my mind that the club did not have a book on Buchanon, especially since we played them in 2004. I would think each team has at least some information on every player in the league, along with college prospects.

    Any insiders with some thoughts to this?
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    One thing I am curious about is how the draft process will work this year. Basically it looks to me like the new HC will have a limited amount of time to find specific "need" positions to fit his preferred schemes (yes, I am very aware that anything to do with the ability to block or tackle is a primary need for us).

    I think that Casserley will manage the scouting and look at the projected BPAs for our positions...he will make the lionshare of the decisions, probably with some strong "suggestions/recommendations" from Dan Reeves.

    I suspect that CC's butt is on the line big time with this draft and FA period not like that's a newsflash.
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    Well Draft wise I think we trade out of the top pick and fill more needs than getting Bush... Id like to see us trade down out of 1 into the top 5 and get D brickashaw.... maybe get a Big play TE like Pope from Georgia, or Thomas from UT.. Then get us another big physical Corner...

    FA... Maybe another quality D lineman, for depth,

    Depends on our new coaching staff...
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    Most teams have scouts for college and pros. Egos and management styles are different but in my opinion the better drafting teams work on consensus with all involved, the scouts, coaches and GM. The owner is the tie breaker in any disagreements...unless of course you are Jerry Jones.
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    I have shared many a drink with Rob Kisiel, our pro scout, and i can tell you he is a fine man and very knowledgable about what he does.

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