[BSPN] Might hovering contract issues distract Texans?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Texans34Life, Jun 15, 2009.

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    Displaced in Cowboys Hell

    HOUSTON -- It hovers, like a storm cloud, over Reliant Stadium and the Texans' practice facility.

    A young team expected to make a big jump has three key players unhappy over their contract situations:

    * Cornerback Dunta Robinson was tagged as the team's franchise player - a tag that comes with a one-year salary of $9.957 million -- and is not participating in the Texans' official offseason work to express his displeasure over the failure to reach a long-term accord.
    * Linebacker DeMeco Ryans missed some of the offseason at the start, but is now with the team while still hoping for a new deal. He's slated to make $1.39 million this season
    * Tight end Owen Daniels just signed his one-year restricted free agent tender offer of $2.79 million, but was not with the team for the start of its mandatory minicamp Monday and will be fined for it.

    Further complicating things: Daniels and Ryans, both drafted in 2006, are on track to become unrestricted free agents in 2010 if the collective bargaining agreement is extended and there is a salary cap. If it's an uncapped year, they'd be restricted again.

    Could contract issues for the trio serve to distract a team that's a popular pick to be a 2009 breakout after consecutive 8-8 seasons?


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    There's no two ways about it: it's a distraction this team doesn't need.

    One of the reasons I always hated Bud Adams was the incessant boiling of bad blood between players and management.

    The Texans don't need to be anything like that.
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    I'll bet Bud Adams didn't hand out fair deals to have petulant football players turn them down. I'll bet BA didn't hand out fair deals at all.

    Dunta got a fair deal, turned it down and now has another fair deal which he doesn't like.

    Daniels got a FAIR deal, turned it down and now has another fair deal which he doesn't like.

    Demeco got a fair deal, turned it down but probably realizes his mistake and might be the only player willing to let the team be first in contract negotiations. I'll bet Demeco gets the best deal out of the 3.

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