browns pick thomas?

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by htownfoozball, Mar 2, 2007.

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    if the lions dont have plans to bove their LT to RT, and they just got a RT in the Bly trade, then whats the point in investing a bazillion dollars in an OT? they may take quinn or russell or even calvin johnson. so if thomas falls, do the browns still take peterson or do they take thomas?
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    they have to go with joe thomas......they need serious oline help and he has to be higher on thier bpa list if it happens like that....
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    Applying that same reasoning to the Texans...does that mean that the Texans would choose Thomas over Peterson? PURELY hypothetical scenario that has absolutely ZERO chance of presenting itself to the Texans absent our moving up. I'm just saying: we are in very similar shape as the Browns, and, were we in their position, I think we would still go AD and target someone like Ryan Harris in the third. The Browns could do the same dang thing.

    With that in mind, I think the Browns, drafting ahead of us, are going to be the bane of our proverbial draft existence this year. Mark it.
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    I'd think we take Thomas personally. With some of the trade talk people want with cleveland, I'd be more inclined to take Joe Thomas or Calvin Johnson than Peterson if they are there in the trade up.

    I think kubiak likes ryan harris a lot. i hope he's there for us in the 3rd...but when looking at the 3rd round denver selects before us then....any chance they beat us out for harris?

    My board for the texans would be something like ...
    1.Calvin Johnson
    2.Joe Thomas
    3.Adrian Peterson
    4.Laron Landry
    5.Amobi Okoye
    6.Brady Quinn
    .... so I'd take thomas over peterson...browns probably should too and then target Michael bush in the 2nd?

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