Blockout the NFL Save our season

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    OK. If its the wrong forum I apologize. It started with Texanchicks request for ideas. Then I realized we have about 8 days to pull this off so I started it quickly. It might be the worst idea I've ever come up with. I want to flood the NFL office so that they MUST listen to the fans.

    Here it goes straight from the facebook:

    OK. Here's the idea. The NFL and the Players Association are unable to get their act together. This is threatening the 2011 season and the fans need to send a message. WE WANT OUR 2011 SEASON!

    Letters do no good, they are easy to throw out. Emails get put in the trash bin to easily so here is what I am proposing:

    In the past you sent a message to someone by sending them a horse head. Well Animal rights activists would be all over me if I were to suggest that so I've got the perfect substitute. First, go to Walmart or Target and buy a football NOT officially licensed by the NFL . It can be one of the cheap $3 footballs or any football you have laying around the house. Then on the 25th we are all going to send a message to the NFL that will never be forgotten. If you are a fan of an AFC team send your football to the league office. If you are a team of an NFC team send a football to the Players association. If everyone mails them on the same day the NFL and the NFLPA will receive hundreds of thousands or possibly MILLIONS of footballs within a couple of days. You can't simply shred them or send them to a dumpster. They might even have to go get together to figure out how to dispose of them. Maybe while they're doing that they can get together and talk about this CBA and save the season.

    Lets send them a message they can't discard so easily.


    AFC fans the NFL League address is:

    National Football league
    280 Park Avenue
    New York, NY 10017

    NFC fans the NFLPA address is:

    1133 20th Street
    Washington DC 20036

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    Worry about the season. As it looks like a lockout will be in place. Seems beyond a real good chance. Sad but truthfully. As us as fans will be the ones left out to dry. As we watch the games on tv as well as pay for the games. :(

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