Best Texans game so far

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by run-david-run, Sep 12, 2005.

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    As everyone seems to be a little down right now (understatement), I figured we can relive the good old days and go over the best game you have ever seen the Texans play in, not neccesarraly where they played their best ever, just the best overall game.

    Personally I think the Chiefs game from last year was the best, it had everything:
    On the road at one of the most intimidating stadiums
    Heavy underdog to a team expected to go deep in playoffs
    Losing at halftime
    Significant player gets injured and everyone else steps up (Davis, Wells was huge- getting the 2 point conversion)
    Great defensive play (Coloeman pick for TD)
    Unbelivable play (AJ's catch)
    Last second drive engeniered by young quarterback
    And most importantly, Texans won.

    I think the Minnesota game, at least the second half, would be a first, if we had won......

    Anyway, let's forgett about Buffalo and move on, or in this case backwards!
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    Good idea to at least smile for a few minutes today. My wife and I pick one or two games a year to go on the road. I've been lucky enough to run the table. Miami, K.C., Chicago. All three rocked in there own way but K.C. was hands down the winner. Nothing like a win - a win on the road even sweeter.

    All I heard was how bad we sucked and I was in the end zone corner with Coleman running right towards me the whole way. I think I tore my sac cheering - it was easily the most exciting play I can remember as a Texans fan. Thanks for the idea - this was fun.

    Now fire Dom and his knucklehead crew!!
  3. Double Barrel

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    Onward, Upward, and back into the Trees
    Best game so far? Has to be 19-10 over the Cowpokes! :thumbup
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    battle red day against the jags last year will forever be my fondest memory

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