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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by thefuture17, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. thefuture17

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    Aug 10, 2005
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    Theres alot of talent this year so who are the top players

    Matt Leinrate USC
    Chris Leak Florida
    Vince Young Texas
    Adrian Petterson Oklahoma
    Marcus Vick VT [if he stays out of trouble]
    Michael Hart Mchigan
    Chad Henne Michigan
    Reggie Bush USC

    My pick fro Heisman is Chris Leak hes sick
  2. TexansCanes

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    May 13, 2004
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    maybe but i think his heisman run will happen next year. the spread opinion is a tough system to learn after being in another one for two years. also i don't know if chris is the right fit for the system, like smith was. leak will have to take a lot of hits which could wear him down over the season, he isn't the biggest guy. i think its leinart's to lose, the qb on the team going for a "mythical three-peat", as long as they don't lose (which isn't a given) and he stays healthy. that being said, i think reggie bush is the best player on that team, but its not like is what the heisman trophy is for. peterson will have a tough year i think (lose of white, o-line,wr), but will still be very good and be in the race. vick needs to show he can stay out of trouble and throw the ball around, he is worse than vince in that department. henne will have a good year but might not be as good as last year since he is without edwards, but avant, breaston, and the talented recruits thay have might be able to fill the void. hart will have to share carries with grady but will still be productive. should be a fun year, only about three weeks to go.
  3. Holden135

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    Mar 5, 2005
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    OK i know these guys would never get any respect but i have to mention them since they are playing for my alma matter the University of North Texas. RB's Jamario Thomas and Patrick Cobbs are sick. Jamario led the NCAA (yes division I) in yards per game last year and the year before Patrick Cobbs led the nation in yards per game. This year they will both be in the backfield with Cobbs returning from injury. I know your saying we don't play any tough competition and your right but we have a Div. II o-line and have never had a passing game to keep 8 or 9 defenders out of the box.
  4. Blake

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    Apr 29, 2004
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    My money is on Steve Breaston. This guy has the skills to take it to the house every play. Offense, and special teams.

    1. Steve breaston
    2. Reggie Bush Jr.
    3. Ted Ginn Jr.
    4. Matt Lienart
    5. Chris Leak
  5. Haams

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    Oct 25, 2004
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    I'm real interested to see Xavier Lee out at Florida State. I only got to see him in the High School All-Star game 2 years ago, but he impressed me. Now, for the best player, Vince Young. I think Adrian Peterson will be brought back to reality this year. He's a great back, but when you have a defending heisman winner at qb and (basically) a pro o-line and receivers your numbers will be inflated. Don't look for him on any heisman lists this year.
  6. Huge

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    May 5, 2004
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    Out yonder way...
    Well, we know Breaston won't win because he's a WR. Playing special teams will help but he's already behind the 8-ball because he's not a QB or RB.

    We know a defensive player is not going to win it simply because it's impossible to be the best player in college football while playing defense. So that rules out those guys.

    TE's or OLs? Forget it.

    So that leaves us with the QBs and RBs.

    Now, we know the Heisman is all about hype and little else. It's not about the numbers (Cedric Benson's numbers dwarfed Reggie Bush's numbers but guess who wasn't even invited to New York?).

    We also know you've got to be playing on a team that's contending for the MNC (see last year's top 5 of Leinart, Bush, Peterson, White and Smith). This is simply because it's impossible to be the best player in college football while playing on a team that's not in the top 25. So that rules out any team that won't contend for the MNC (sorry, Reggie McNeal fans ;) ).

    You can also rule out every Freshman and Sophmore. Because it's simply impossible to be the best player in college football unless you're a Junior or Senior.

    So here's who wins the Heisman:

    Matt Leinart

    Why? He's a QB. His team will contend for the MNC. He certainly has the hype. He's not an underclassman. He's the media darling for coming back for his Senior season.

    The others that will be invited to New York:

    Reggie Bush
    Adrian Peterson
    Vince Young
    Chris Leak
  7. GetItHowULive

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    Aug 16, 2005
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    there is a lot of talent but my top three are

    vince young, texas, great talent, :thumbup people are still underestimating him that makes him somewhat of an underdog and i love to see the underdogs on top

    deangelo williams, memphis

    and matt leinart,usc, the obvious choice

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