Ben Tate Q&A at 2PM

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    Floatin on a boat
    Houston Texans Our rookie running back Ben Tate, a second-round pick, will take questions from fans in a live chat today at 2 p.m. on!!! Be sure to watch and tell us your thoughts.

    Got this from FB.
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    That was almost as bad as one of McGobbler's chats.
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    No more VIP Suite so back to the recliner
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    Can you give a description of it?
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    @BenTateRB: Hi everyone. Thanks for joining me

    @BenTateRB: Ok everyone. Phew back. I lost connection for a minute.

    [Comment From Robby Robby : ]
    What do you see your role as this season?

    @BenTateRB: I'm coming in to compete and work hard.

    @BenTateRB: I'll do whatever I have to do to make the team and be a part of this team.

    [Comment From Mike D Mike D : ]
    You seem to be a huge Twitter/Facebook guy ... when did you pick it up?

    @BenTateRB: Started after my senior season at Auburn. It's a good way to connect and stay in touch with fans. Follow me! @BenTateRB

    [Comment From Nick Nick : ]
    What was one of the more surprising things you learned from the rookie symposium?

    @BenTateRB: It was good to hear things reinforced that I already know.

    @BenTateRB: Especially from former players like Cris Carter and Aeneas Williams.

    [Comment From Frank Frank : ]
    How do you like Houston?

    @BenTateRB: It's a great city. Still trying to get used to the heat. Other than that I'm excited to be here. It's a great city.

    [Comment From Karla Karla : ]
    What keeps you motivated to play football day after day? Most players are never playing without an injury - do you have any tricks to keep on keeping on?

    @BenTateRB: I love the game. I love doing what I do. If you don't love the game, then it's time for you to stop.

    @BenTateRB: Injuries are not something that I can control. I just try to go out and work hard everyday.

    [Comment From Teddy Teddy : ]
    Compare yourself to a current back in the NFL.

    @BenTateRB: I don't like comparing myself to guys in the league.

    @BenTateRB: I like to think I'm a little different than everyone else.

    [Comment From BigRon BigRon : ]
    Lookin' forward to seeing what you'll bring to the table for my TEXANS. I know you"ll have to focus on pass-pro, but what's your best attribute for running their zone scheme, in your opinion?

    @BenTateRB: I feel like I'm a good fit for any running scheme, really.

    @BenTateRB: I don't like to dance around a lot as a runner. When I see a hole, or a seam, it's one cut and I'm gone.

    @BenTateRB: I try to run downhill and not do too much dancing.

    [Comment From Flash Flash : ]
    Are you getting comfortable with having #43 instead of #44 on your jersey?

    @BenTateRB: Very comfortable in that number. No problems. Time for a change.

    [Comment From Tim Mosher Tim Mosher : ]
    Who are you most looking forward to playing with and who are you most looking forward to playing against?

    @BenTateRB: Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson.

    @BenTateRB: Two of the best at their positions.

    @BenTateRB: I'm looking forward to learning from them and how they go about their lives.

    [Comment From Tiny Tiny : ]
    What are your top 3 goals for 2010?

    @BenTateRB: As far as against, a lot of the great LBs in the NFL.

    @BenTateRB: I have a lot of personal goals but I like to keep those to myself.

    [Comment From Big Joe Big Joe : ]
    is LeBron James coming to the Texans?

    @BenTateRB: But as far as team goals go, obviously, I'm looking for the playoffs and Super Bowl!

    @BenTateRB: LeBron signed with the TEXANS! He's our No. 3 wide receiver.

    [Comment From Sammy Sammy : ]
    Do you have a strict diet or try to stay away from certain foods?

    @BenTateRB: I try to eat healthy.

    @BenTateRB: Being a rookie is hard because I'm not settled in yet.

    @BenTateRB: I'm traveling a lot so it makes it tough to get into a routine of eating healthy all the time.

    [Comment From Jilane Jilane : ]
    When was the last time you cried or got really upset?

    @BenTateRB: When I got drafted.

    [Comment From Flash Flash : ]
    Dude, I CAN'T wait to see you play for the Texans!!!!

    @BenTateRB: Appreciate it. Looking forward to it.

    [Comment From Laura Laura : ]
    Growing up did you have a favorite player or NFL team?

    @BenTateRB: Yes I did. Loved watching Emmitt Smith.

    @BenTateRB: LaDainian Tomlinson too.

    [Comment From richard richard : ]
    Yoooo eastern shore boy!!!!!!

    @BenTateRB: I'm going to always rep the shore.

    [Comment From Kevin Kevin : ]
    What's it like being a rookie in the NFL? Did you have a place to live when you first started practicing with the Texans or were you in a hotel for a while? What's the transition like?

    @BenTateRB: It's been a tough transition because you don't have a constant place to live right now.

    @BenTateRB: It's been hard to get into a routine but I'm enjoying the experience.

    [Comment From Marty Marty : ]
    Are you going to play as yourself in Madden? Do you think they will rate you right?

    @BenTateRB: I had a chance to play Madden when I was at the NFL PLAYERS Rookie Premiere.

    [Comment From gracee gracee : ]
    Because your major was criminology, if you weren't playing football, would you pursue that career field?

    @BenTateRB: Wasn't rated too high, so not sure if I'll be playing as myself. I like to win. I'll get better though.

    @BenTateRB: Yes I would. Secret Service.

    [Comment From "E" as in "Eddie"...... "E" as in "Eddie"...... : ]
    I'm so pumped for Ben Tate Day on July 17th at Stephen Decatur Park in Berlin, MD.

    @BenTateRB: I'll be there. Excited.

    [Comment From Pete Rummel Pete Rummel : ]
    I know you're just entering the league, but what do you think about the threat of a lockout?

    @BenTateRB: I think it's a possibility that it could happen.

    @BenTateRB: It's unfortunate timing for this rookie class. I have to be prepared for it and be smart about managing my money.

    [Comment From kenny kenny : ]
    How hard is it learning an NFL playbook?

    @BenTateRB: It's tough. It takes a lot of time. I study really hard.

    @BenTateRB: A lot harder than college but I do whatever it takes.

    [Comment From Fresh Fresh : ]
    Do you have any mentors that have taken you under their wing and explained to you about the distractions and what to do to stay focused on the field?

    @BenTateRB: Not yet, but I did have a chance to talk to Tony Richardson of the NY Jets.

    @BenTateRB: He's played a long time in the league and I'll be staying in touch with him to learn about being a pro for a long time.

    @BenTateRB: Thanks for joining me today.

    @BenTateRB: I have to sign off but I'll see you this season.

    NFL Players Association: Thanks to everyone for joining us for the Live Chat With Ben Tate! Be sure to check NFLPLAYERS.COM for future discussions with players from around the league.
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    Wherever I was, I was more than likely drunk
    Thanks for posting that Hou-Tex. And you are right. That was very McGobbler-esque.

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