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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by beerlover, Feb 4, 2006.

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    1. Vince Young, QB Texas Kubiac will groom him while he develops and learns the game backing up Carr, God forbid David gets hurt :ouch: if you have the #1 pick it makes perfect sense to use it on a QB, this one is hometown, a state legend & national champion, about the only thing he does not have is a Heisman (over-rated anyway). He has great vision, instincts and pocket awareness. top that off with outstanding leadership skills, a very accurate arm and 4.42 speed he will be a nightmare for opposing defenses, I just pray that its not going to be our own.

    2. Eric Winston, OT Miami The Texans could start him @ RT next to Wade or Weigert, in time he could be the starting LT just depends how his knee improves and if he regains his mobility and lateral movement. very complete & ready to compete at the next level.

    3a. Davin Joseph, OT/G Oklahoma competitive, hard nosed and athletic. should be a starter @ LG next to Pitts, good in both run & pass blocking, long arms with good hand punch. its a damn shame the Texans have neglected the offensive line or had just plain bad luck but neglect and bad luck are just about to run out with these two outstanding lineman.

    3b. Kai Parham, ILB Virginia like his size & aggresiveness, played next to Ahmad Brooks 2nd on team in tackles, very agressive hard hitting. will be a impact player in the NFL, excellent upside, has the size to play MLB.

    4. Alan Zemaitis, CB/FS Penn State lacks speed so his stock could slide once they look at his combine numbers but I've watched him play and I noticed he reads defenses extremely well and is a solid fundamental tackler. he has good size and has the frame to fill out @ 6020 205 & get stronger. I could see him develop into a lynch style of FS, this would be a great pick here if still available.

    5. Marques Colston, WR Hofstra This kid stole the East West Shrine game otherwise I would probably never know about him, I'd be willing to take a flyer on him here cause his upside is so great, really reminded me of a young, untainted TO. Physically stronger than his defenders seemed like a man amongst boyz @ 6040 230 lbs. great hands that just snatch and craddle the football & adjusts in mid air nicely.

    6. Garrett Mills, TE/FB Tulsa Had a very impressive Senior Bowl where he showed that he can be a effective blocker, especially in pass protection picking up the blitz, but also has outstanding hands and plucks the ball very clean and confidently. He is not big or fast but he is a smart tough nosed all around player who will improve the team he plays for, could become the starting TE of FB not to mention special teams if the Texans loose Wells in free agency.

    7. Anthony Trucks, SS Oregon Specializes in sacking the QB, had 15 his senior season for the Ducks but also led the team in tackles. very big, strong and well built also has linebacker experience, straight ahead speed average but his cutting and change in direction abilty the reason he is so effective in tackleing and sacking the QB.
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    This is pretty solid. I know this is a "wish list"
    1. I am not sure Winston falls to the second round. You might get Jon Scott in the 2nd round, but I have a feeling Winston will be the 2nd or 3rd OT taken. I could see him in cowboy stars next year.

    2. Davin Jospeh: I like the kid's attitude, but I wonder if he is a good fit in a zone blcoking scheme. I beliebe he is about 312 and I have heard is footwork is average ""

    3. Zematis might not be here at round 4. I was under the impression he was a round 2 type of guy. For him to fall this much he would need to really slide. I love the pick, but this might be a bit of a stretch.

    4. Mills, Colston, and Parham Are SOLID picks. I would be thrilled if we could get them. They are flying under alot of people's radars so I think its very possible to jump and get them. Sadly I am not familair with Pac10 teams, so I dont know much about Trucks.

    Overall, solid work, as usual.
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    I like picks 3b-6 alot.
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    LOVE the 1st pick:yahoo:

    2. Winston-I seriously doubt he'll last this long but I'd definitely take him if he does.

    3a. Davin Joseph is a solid pick...although I think there may be better OGs on the board at that point.

    4. Zemaitis is good, but if he lacks great speed then I'd rather take Slay later in the 5th-7th round.

    5. Colston looks like a STUD.

    6 & 7. Don't know much about either of these players so I can't say.

    Overall, I like the draft.:redtowel:
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    While we're on the topic of wish list mocks, here's my wishlist that I think is still pretty realistic:

    1st thing is sign LeCharles Bentley, he is making it sound like he wants to go home to Cleveland, but he could be saying that to inflate contract offers, plus I think if we pursued him hard and early that we could get him with a 6 year, $26-28 million deal with a $7-8 million signing bonus, and he would be worth it.

    Trade the #1 pick to the Jets for the #4, John Abraham, this year's 2rd (#36) round pick and next year's 1st round pick.

    #4) Mario Williams - DE, N.C. State - DE that is drawing comparisons to Julius Peppers, should solidify our DLine and be great passrusher.
    #33) Eric Winston - OT, Miami - Athletic OT, can play any OLine spot other than C, very smart, can pass and run block very well.
    #36) Nick Mangold - OC/OG, Ohio State - Solid college C with nice mean streak, good size for zone-blocking OG.
    #65) CB - hopefully someone like DeMario Minter, Antonio Cromartie, or Alan Zemaitis will be here, but get the best one available.
    #66) TE - best TE available, maybe Fasano will be here, or Klopfenstein, David Thomas, Tim Day, or Anthony Mix (listed at WR).
    #97) WR/S - Maurice Stovall, Skyler Green, Travis Wilson, or Daniel Bullocks
    #129) LB - Rocky McIntosh or Anthony Schlegel.
    #161) S/WR - Dwayne Slay, Devin Aromashodu, Martin Nance, Reggie McNeal this pick depends on who we get at #97.
    #193) Will Allen - OG, Texas - Listed as 6th round quality on a site I'm looking at, if he's here this late then definitely get him.

    I'm not sure we can make this trade, but it would be great if we could, the picks alone are a decent value, a little short on our side but we get John Abraham as well, who they would ordinarily probably value higher but with their cap situation they'll likely lose him anyways. I also doubt Winston falls this far, some mocks have him falling to the 2nd, but I think he'll be the 3rd OLineman to go in the draft, but it is possible and this is my wish list so in this case he falls. If we can make this scenario work, we have an extra 1st round pick next year, and this could be our roster next year disregarding signing additional free agent from other teams:

    QB: David Carr, Dave Ragone, sign a veteran better than Tony Banks.
    RB: Domanick Davis, Vernand Morency, Jonathan Wells
    FB: Moran Norris, Jonathan Wells
    WR: Andre Johnson, Jabar Gaffney, Jerome Mathis, rookie (Stovall/Green/Wilson/Aromashodu/Nance/etc.) maybe Derick Armstrong
    TE: Mark Bruener, Bennie Joppru, rookie (Fasano/Klopfenstein/Thomas/Day/Mix), maybe Marcellus Rivers
    LT: Chester Pitts/Eric Winston
    LG: Zach Wiegert (Will Allen backup for year unless he can beat out Wiegert)
    C: LeCharles Bentley (Drew Hodgdon backup)
    RG: Nick Mangold (Milford Brown, Todd Washington backup)
    RT: Eric Winston/Chester Pitts (Todd Wade backup - expensive but he shouldn't be starting)

    DE: Mario Williams (Antwan Peek sub in and get some reps/Pettway backup)
    DT: Robaire Smith (Seth Payne backup or cut)
    DT: Gary Walker/Travis Johnson (TJ/Walker backup)
    DE: John Abraham (Jason Babin backup)
    OLB: Shantee Orr/Antwan Peek
    MLB: Kailee Wong (Rocky McIntosh/Anthony Schlegel backup)
    OLB: Morlon Greenwood (Orr or Peek as backup)
    CB: Dunta Robinson
    CB: Philip Buchanon/rookie (hopefully Minter/Cromartie/Zemaitis)
    NB/DB: rookie/Philip Buchanon/DeMarcus Faggins as nickel/dime backs
    FS: Daniel Bullocks/Glenn Earl/C.C. Brown
    SS: Glenn Earl/C.C. Brown/Dwayne Slay

    This greatly solidifies our OLine and it should be great for the zone blocking scheme that we will continue to run (and should run much more effectively and with a much better offensive system). We can get an additional WR, maybe find another speedster otherwise get a bigger possession WR that could challenge Gaffney and improve our #2 WR spot. We get a pretty good TE that can catch and hopefully block, and we can look for more in free agency as some good ones like Teyo Johnson and Randy McMichael will be available. We get two young, studly DEs, one a monster rookie and the other a Pro-Bowler. Babin could probably play DE decently but I still question his drive and motor so I'm not sure I trust him to be an effective pass rusher. Peek can beef up some and come in at DE some for Mario to give opposing offenses a different look with a smaller, probably more athletic guy in there sometimes, and he could still challenge for some playing time at LB, although in a 4-3 I think Orr would be a better OLB option. Wong and Greenwood are both naturally OLBs although Wong has played MLB before and is our best current option there, but Schlegel or McIntosh could come in and maybe prove themselves as a good MLB and allow Wong to move back outside. We get another high-3rd-round-quality CB to challenge Buchanon at CB in case he can't lift his play in a new system. I'm still hoping he can turn things around since he has all the athletic tools he needs, but I'm not counting on much improvement from him. We also pick up another S, either a bigger hitter like Slay or more of a coverage guy like Bullocks, I think a coverage guy is a bigger need, but Bullocks will go higher in the draft than Slay and if a good WR is available at our 4th round pick I would be willing to take them and get Slay later. If we wanted, we could take a better CB at #36 rather than getting Mangold and then get Davin Joseph in the 3rd round. I'd rather have Mangold than Joseph but if a great CB falls to #36 (or maybe a WR like Sinorice Moss) then I don't have a problem delaying OG to the 3rd round and grabbing Davin. If we go Bullocks in the 4th round, Reggie McNeal would also be an interesting pick in the 6th round, as he has good speed and size to maybe become a decent WR, plus since he's a QB he provides some interesting trick play possibilities like Antwaan Randle El.
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    Mork cannot argue with the wish list eventhough I would switch Weigert and Mangold's positions. Weigert will likely be the better and stronger run blocker so put him on the Rightside. Anyway other than that I pretty much like it.

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