bckey's mock draft 2.0

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by bckey, Apr 10, 2005.

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    1-SF-Aaron Rodgers QB (it was almost a toss up between Smith and Rodgers but the homer wins out)

    2-Miami-Alex Smith QB (they would have like to have traded down. Couldn't justify paying #2 money to a rb)

    3-Cleveland-Braylon Edwards WR (need speed to compliment Winslow)

    4-Chicago-Mike Williams WR (Moose is older and only a temporary fix)

    5-Tampa Bay-Cadillac Williams RB (Gruden loves him)

    6-Tennessee-Alex Barron OT (they have a nack for developing OL)

    7-Minnesota-Troy Williamson WR (replacement for Moss. They wanted Edwards)

    8-Arizona-Ronnie Brown RB (speed back they never thought would be there)

    9-Washington-Antrel Rolle CB (replacement for Smoot)

    10-Detroit-Derrick Johnson OLB (Another Texas great goes to the motor city)

    11-Dallas-Shawne Merriman DE/OLB (They need a LB and he is a good one)

    12-San Diego-Mark Clayton WR (Someone to catch the ball besides Gates)

    13-Houston-Demarcus Ware DE/OLB (pass rushing tweener opposite Babin)

    14-Carolina-Carlos Rogers CB (With Gamble this gives them a young cb tandem for years to come)

    15-KC-Dan Cody DE (They need defenseive help bad)

    16-New Orleans-Marcus Spears DE (Their dl needs help)

    17-Cincinnati-Pac-Man Jones CB (Defense)

    18-Minnesota-Erasmus James DE (Minnesota is putting together a good defense. He will terrorize opposite Udeze and he is sort of a homer)

    19-St. Louis-Kahlif Barnes OT (protection for Bulger)

    20-Dallas-Fabian Washington CB (More defense and speedy returner)

    21-Jacksonville-Marlin Jackson CB (A need pick and not bpa)

    22-Baltimore-Thomas Davis S (Oh no! This defense will be even scarier)

    23-Seattle-Travis Johnson DT (A steal at this point)

    24-Green Bay-Jammal Brown OT (Packers are desperate for ol)

    25-Denver-Matt Roth DE (need youth on the dl and this guy is nonstop and nasty)

    26-NY Jets-Cedric Benson RB (Dropped to the Jets and they couldn't be happier)

    27-Atlanta-Brodney Pool S (more defense)

    28-San Diego-Shaun Cody DT (can't pass him up at this point)

    29-Indianapolis-David Pollack DE/OLB (Need a cb also but Pollack is too good to pass up here)

    30-Pittsburgh-Roddy White WR (Replacement for Burress. Never thought he would be here)

    31-Philadelphia-Daryl Blackstock OLB (One more piece of the puzzle)

    32-New England--Justin Miller CB (They need a cb and Miller is the one they want)

    No trades in this version
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    A few thoughts I had reading this:
    -According to a few Dolphin fans I've spoken with, they feel that the organization is obligated to give Feeley another year after spending their 2nd rounder on him...They will most likely take a RB and run him into the ground like they did Ricky...
    -I doubt the Bears take Mike Williams becuase they already have a possession guy and need someone to stretch the field...If Edwards is gone, they'll probably take Benson...
    -The Vikings won't take Williamson if either Mike Williams, Braylon Edwards or DJ is still around...
    -I doubt the Chargers will take Clayton at 12 if Marcus Spears is still available...
    -I don't really want to see us take another tweener project this year after taking Babin last year, but I guess it's a possibility...
    -Why would the Panthers take Rogers when they have Manning, Ken Lucas, and Gamble?
    -Why would KC take Cody when they just got Carlos Hall and have Allen on the other side (who terrorized us last year)? Chances are Dan Cody will fall to the second due to his depression problems along with him not having a stellar combine/pro day...
    -Why would NO take ANOTHER DE?
    -Why would Dallas take a CB after giving Anthony Henry a ridiculous contract?
    -The Packers need OGs, not OTs...
    -There is no conceivable way that Benson drops to 26...The absolute latest he will be taken is 14...Write it down, if you don't believe me...
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    nice work & I know alot of effort :thumbup

    many prospects at or rated about where they will go. picking Alex Smith 2nd would impact Cedric Benson but not that much I doubt he would fall past the Texans for instance. also 4 WR's in the top 12?
  4. threetoedpete

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    Katy, Texas
    Won't nit pick it . But I believe this is pretty close to how it will shake out. I could see Miami Taking the Ronnie Brown, but they haven't had a decent QB since Marino retired. Parrcell's can pick 'em if he takes Merriman, I was wrong about him. He just seems very awkward to me. A lot of people will be surprise how far Pollard falls. If you reversed your Minnasota picks, I believe you will be closer.Your logic is spot on. Benson gets passed 13 people will move up. Great mock though. Enjoyed it. JMHO.

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