Battle Red Rowdies!

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    For those going to the game today, Congratulations! You're an offical memeber of the Battle Red crew. Today is Battle Red Day!. And with your helpful enthusiasm, we'll turn Reliant red and try to make it Red Sunday for the Jaguars.

    That was a translation from the back of my Luv Ya Blue Flash card that great Monday night against the Steelers. I thought it would be appropriate.

    Here is the original

    "Congratulations! You're an official memeber of the Luv ya Blue! flash card team. Tonight is Luv ya Blue! night. And with the helpful enthusiasm of the flash card team, we'll turn the Dome blue and try to make it Blue Monday for the Steelers.

    Here's what to do:
    The P.A. announcer will tell you when it's time to show your colors. He'll cound down 1-2-3. On 3, hold up your card and yell out LUV YA BLUE!

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