Based on FA, are we looking to the draft for secondary help?

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by blockhead83, Mar 19, 2007.

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    I think heading into the offseason we had/have definite needs at: QB, WR2, DL, LB, OT, RB, CB, and S.

    Here's who I can think of that we've atleast looked at and/or signed at those positions:
    QB: Jeff Garcia, Jake Plummer?
    WR2: Ashley Lelie
    DL: James Reed, Zgonina (signed), ND Kalu (signed)
    LB: Danny Clark (signed), Shawn Barber (signed)
    OT: Ephraim Salaam (signed), Jordan Black (signed)
    RB: Ahman Green (signed), Ron Dayne (signed)
    CB: ......?
    S: .......?

    My point is, it seems like Rick Smith and Co. have atleast looked at players to fill alot of our voids in FA, but have we even brought in any notable CB's or safeties? I know it's highly speculative, but do ya think that provides reason to believe they're targeting several secondary players in the draft? We're in good position to get LaRon Landry, Leon Hall, or Reggie Nelson in the first, and a handful of other players in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. The need is there, and the availability is there...

    I suppose it's also possible they're planning to stay status quo back there, but that doesn't make me very happy. They like Faggins, although he's better suited as a nickelback, IMO. Dunta would make a great #2 if we could get another premier talent to join the tandem. CC and Earl are both SS's, we really need a FS to help prevent, and help make, some big plays.

    Otherwise they've done well at atleast signing good depth/locker room type guys. Aside of the secondary we still have a glaring need at the WR2 spot, a pass rushing LE, and a starting quality LT.

    So what say you, based on our actions thus far, are we banking on getting some secondary help with our first day picks?
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    Great post...

    I don't know what it means in, I too think they've done a great job in signing some quality veterans for out team, some may be depth but thats was great imo as well as dayne, shoot, well all of them i like.

    Nothing has been done w/ the secondary thus far....that leads me to three conclusions

    1) They are fine with it how it is. They must see CC being our FS or moving a guy like Von Hutchins to FS and keeping Faggins put at cb2.
    This is the option i don't really like at all. i think we need some improvement.

    2) They didn't really like the FA's in secondary this offseason
    Good thinking in not overspending for mediocre talent (except for clements) unlike what the old regime would do. Hamilin seems to be the only FS left but has anyone talked to him? maybe he's asking for way too much. We had a very limited cap amount this season and i think we've spent it wisely.

    3) They like their options in the draft.
    this one i think is most likely, but we CANNOT count on a certain player being there for our pick in each round. thats when we miss out on them and go into next season w/ the same guys back there. I think Secondary is a MUST to select in the 1st day of the draft. I'm really hoping we get Laron Landry in the 1st round. If they really want to overhaul it this draft i won't have a problem if they take him and a CB in the 2nd or 3rd. this might be over kill but with the addition of one of the top FS's...i think Faggins will look better when he has someone covering his back.
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    There are also certain positions that youth is a positive and age/experience is a positive. OL, DL, LB, and QB are positions that most player grow mentally as better players with time in the league. RB, DB, and WR are positions that players rely more on their physical strengths. I believe this is why we are going to target DB help early and often in this years draft.

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