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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by bah007, May 1, 2007.

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    1ST ROUND:

    Ted Ginn Jr. – You knew this was coming. I’m not really that surprised that Miami got Ginn, I’m just surprised that they passed on Quinn. I really did not expect this, although they did recover well by grabbing John Beck.

    Amobi Okoye – I really expected the Texans to grab one of the CB’s here. This isn’t a bad pick, but I think that Revis or Hall would’ve been a better one.

    Justin Harrell – I’ve had Harrell in my 1st round mocks for quite a while now, but even I didn’t see this one coming.

    Michael Griffin – I’m not sure why the Titans didn’t go for a WR here, but I am sure that I told this whole board that Griffin would go before Nelson (just thought I’d soak that up).

    Brady Quinn – Nobody saw him falling this far & Cleveland did a nice job by picking up him & Joe Thomas in this draft, but Dallas robbed them in the trade.

    Craig Davis – This guy wasn’t even on my radar as a 1st round pick. That doesn’t mean he isn’t worth it, it just means that I was not expecting him to go this high.

    2ND ROUND:

    Alan Branch – I admit it. I was wrong. I still thought he wouldn’t fall past 20.

    Kevin Kolb – This pick came out of nowhere. I didn’t get it at the time, but I guess it makes sense if you really believe he is the 2nd best QB in the draft.

    LaMarr Woodley – I’ve been hyping this guy almost as much as Jason Hill & Michael Griffin. I love it when I’m right.

    Chris Henry – Workout warrior. Titans could have definitely made a better pick here.

    3RD ROUND:

    Jacoby Jones – I can’t stand it. I just don’t understand this pick. Jason Hill is right there & we get this kid. I really hope I’m wrong about him.

    Yamon Figurs – Told you so. That’s all I need to say. I told ya’ll even before the combine & you didn’t believe me (I will soak this one in too).

    4TH ROUND:

    Michael Bush – He is a steal here even if he only comes back as half the player he was.

    Isaiah Stanback – I really don’t get this one. Is he even projected to play QB in the NFL? If so, then Dallas could have made a better pick. Looks like they are hoping for a Randle El.

    Josh Beekman – I had him pegged as a 2nd rounder. Did I miss something or am I just plain wrong?

    5TH ROUND:

    Brandon Harrison – I don’t like this pick either from the Texans. Gattis & Wendling are still on the board & we draft a SS.

    Aundrae Allison – I didn’t see him falling this far. He was a top 10 WR on my board.

    Troy Smith – I’m gonna be honest. I didn’t want him on the Texans, but if he had fallen to us in the 6th we would have been crazy to pass on him.

    6TH ROUND:

    Jordan Palmer – Drafted only because of who his brother is.

    7TH ROUND:

    Ben Patrick – There was a lot of hype about him coming from some teams. I guess it was just a smokescreen.

    Jason Snelling – The 2nd best FB in the last round. Good value.

    Ramzee Robinson – Mr. Irrelevant himself. I really thought he was worth a 6th rounder.
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    i'm hearing a lot of people call Justin Harrell a reach. meh, not buying it. the value of the late 1st in this draft isn't really that special. in fact, the draft as a whole doesn't present too much value. several teams traded up big time just so they can get the best players possible knowing there wouldnt be much in the later rounds. the packers just took Harrell knowing he was their guy and it didn't really matter that much in terms of value if it's a "reach" or not.
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    There's two ways to look at every pick.

    1. Chris henry- what a reach...or i told you he'd get picked that high.
    2. jacoby jones or yamun figures- i dont get it, reach for both or- i told you they were that good.

    I sure hope jacoby becomes a solid #2 one day for us and a great return man. I hope henry doesn't do too well in tennessee lol.

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