Awtysst's Stupidly Early Draft Thoughts for March

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    Welcome to March. Since the draft is only a little over a month away I don't think we can really call this "Stupidly Early Draft thought", so lets just go with Stupid Draft thoughts.

    Speaking of Stupid thoughts, Awtysst celebrated St. Patrick's day last Saturday and spent the day enjoying his GREENS! Two of the greens included redheaded twins Molly and Riona, who your hero met at a St. P's party. Oh, a wise man once told me, never to mess with a redhead, since they are trouble. But man, he never said anything about 2 redheads!

    So, in Molly and Riona's honor, I present a 2 for 1 a non trade and trade down mock! Double your pleasure, double your fun. (Doublemint twins. Hmm, I have twins on my mind.)

    Anyway, so in scenario 1 we do the trade down. We do a similar trade as last year: drop to the mid 1st and acquire an extra 3rd to go along with our extra 4th we got for the Rosencopter. In senario 2, we stay put. As always I appreciate all feedback!
    Rip it!

    Scenario 1
    1. Clay Matthews-OLB USC
    He has a good pedigree (think of Uncle Bruce, and his pops Clay) and is a hard worker. He showed good speed and can be good enough to start from day one at Sam. Tackles well, plays the run. All you can ask for a #1 is to be a relentless. As a 20 something pick I think this is a decent spot for him. I would prefer to take him in the second, but he will not be there when we pick. This is kinda like the Duane Brown situation from last year. CM is a slight reach but if he pans out (as I think he will), who really cares?

    2. Robert Ayers- DE Tennessee
    He is a prototypical 4-3 end and would be a good compliment to Smith and Mario. By switching them out we could keep our DEs fresh so that at the end of the game we can still blitz like crazy. I think Ayers is a perfect fit for our system.

    3(a). Chris Baker- DT Hampton
    Yes, I know that he has some problem areas, but look at his onfield production:16.5 TFL, 8.5 sacks and he weighs 320+ lbs. Sure he played at Hampton and the competition is not the same level, but if we can keep his focused he would be a monster DT that can collapse the pocket and be effective against the run. When you get to the 3rd round, sometimes you just gotta take a chance. This is a chance worth taking.

    3(b). Antoine Caldwell- OC Alabama
    To compliment our risky first 3rd, we go with a nice safe pick. I think Caldwell represents an excellent value here in the third. Value is especially found when we remember we got this pick by way of trade down! Interestingly enough he was voted to the AP All America First team as Center (FYI Mack was an AP All America 3rd teamer). Eric Wood is a possibility here too, but I like the Caldwell better in a ZBS.

    4(a). Shonn Green-RB Iowa
    Every year a solid second rounder gets knocked down because of silly reasons. Here is a guy that ran for over 1700 yards, 17 tds, and we are complaining about his small hands? Last time I checked we use the same size football in the NFL as we do in college. There is a reason he ran for 1700 yards, the boy can play! People have also talked about potential weight and work ethic issues? Cmon people we never heard these stories during the regular season. Yet at the combine he runs a slightly slower than expected time (4.63 as opposed to 4.53, though most backs were .10 slower than expected) and we decimate him? Good. Pass on him. Lets write all these negative stories about him. The Texans can pick him up to compliment Slaton. He will have a chip on his shoulder and will work hard to prove all the naysayers wrong! He has enough tread left to be a great complimentary back for years to come.

    4(b) Jonathan Casillas-OLB Wisconsin
    A speedy tacking Will that would be a great pickup. I like Adibi but can he stay healthy? I don’t know. If he cannot, we have an Adibi-like speedy player. If Adibi can stay healthy, we now have created a rotation where we will always have a speedy tackler on the field. No more tired Wills for us!

    5. Troy Nolan-S Arizona
    A versatile Safety that can play either of the Safety positions. He could provide some solid depth/spot starting at either S position.

    6. Quan Cosby-WR Texas
    A sure handed quick returner who can also play WR. JJ may get it together at some point in the NFL, but I would feel MUCH better knowing that my returner isn’t gonna muff the ball. Oh, and he also can play pretty good WR as well. Not bad for a 6th rounder.

    7. Will Davis, DE Illinois
    A senior that had an amazing junior season (10.5 sacks) and a very disappointing senior one(3.5 sacks). I think if he got into the gym put on a little more weight and refine technique he could b e a decent one dimensional pass rusher. Considering it’s the 7th round a one dimensional pass rusher is a pretty good find right now.

    Scenario 2
    1. Clay Matthews-OLB USC
    Yup. I take him at 15 too. I really think he has the talent, the drive, and the potential to be a very good player. I see him as a Duane Brown type: maybe a slight reach, but you take him.

    2. Robert Ayers -DE Tennessee
    That’s 2/2 in which I take the same people in the top 2 spots. I think he will be here in the 2nd. With so many teams looking at DEs in round 1, I think he slips to us. Yea us!

    3. Derek Pegues- FS Mississippi State
    And here it is, the first change. In the third round its important to start looking at value. Pegues is a great value pick right here. He is a second team SEC player that has great speed and good hands. He can be a play at FS, CB or even return punts. While he is a little small (5’9 193) I think he could get up to 200lbs and not lose his speed. A versatile player like this is an asset. He can return punts as well and can take over for JJ right away! Oh, and you know who else was a speedy FS who returned punts early in his career? Ed Reed. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

    4a. Eric Wood-C Lousiville
    I wanted Caldwell, but I have him going in the third. Wood would be a good consolation prize. He can play Zone good enough to start over Myers and will be able to immediately improve our run game. In fact he will be good enough to help our new complimentary running back…

    4b. Phillip Hunt –DE Houston
    Not just a hometown pick, but a damn good rotational DE. One thing we know is that if you give a QB all the time in the world, he will pick you apart. Elite QBs(like Peyton Manning) can look like backups (Orlovsky) if you push him around and get in his face. Without pressure a mediocre QB (like Fitzpatrick) can look like the second coming of Peyton. With Hunt we can rotate our DEs and allow them to not tire out. This is a sound strategy to beating and contending.

    5. Kory Sheets-RB Purdue
    Not a sexy running back pick but he would be a great compliment to Slaton. He is 5’11 208 and could probably put on another 7 lbs or so to get up to 215 without losing any noticeable speed(4.47 at the combine was pretty good when everyone else was running much slower). He certainly has the frame to support that weight. Pair him with Slaton and we have a great one 2 punch!

    6 Myron Pryor - DT Kentucky
    The 6th round is very unpredictable. There are two routes to go: take an unproven guy with a little flash or take a guy with big talent that had an injury. I say go the later. If the guy heals, you have higher value. If not, cut him, it’s the 6th round afterall. Pryor has had some leg injuries but if he is ready to go he can play like a 2nd or 3rd rounder. I say take a chance on him!

    7. George Bussey- OG Louisville
    A solid ZBS depth OG. He can compete for a spot or even get onto the practice squad for a year. It’s the 7th, if you see a guy who can be of value, you grab him!
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    • you still called it 'stupidly early draft thoughts'

    • id be delighted with scenario 1.. safety can wait till next year when there'll be elite talent to replace barber and wilson if they dont go as planned

    • quintin demps is another fs that plays not saying, im just saying

    you wanted feedback :)
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    Not a fan of the first two picks. I guess I want more production while in school. Matthews has value in the second round, but he is running with a lot of hype at the current time. Ayers has been good in some post season circuits, but he never really produced at Tennessee. It's not like he "took plays off" and but had good enough production ala Mario Williams or Michael Johnson. He just didn't produce.

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