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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by awtysst, Apr 25, 2007.

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    In light of rumors that the Texans-Broncos deal goes down, here is a mock I put together. Please tell me your thoughts/critiques. Thanks! Again, just to remind everyone, the rumored deal is Texans 10 for Broncos:21, 56, and 86.

    What do yall think of the following picks?

    21: Ryan Kalil: C USC(Southern California)
    While some can say that we need a solid LT I believe that a solid Center is far more neccesary. Mckinney is decent, but I would be far more comfortable with a solid Center that can gell with our line now. D-Hog just hasnt shown too much. Plus Kalil is the prototype Center that you need for the ZBS!

    56:Jason Hill: WR Washington State
    I think he has all the tools to be a solid number 2 to AJ. He has good speed, good hands, and should be able to give AJ some relief...perhaps Reggie W to Marvin H type of relief? This might be early, but I have seen him flyign up the boards.

    73: Fred Bennett: CB USC(South Carolina)
    I was suprised to see him here and I would definitley pair him with fellow Gamecock Dunta. He brings the second CB that we have needed for a long time.

    86: Josh Gattis: FS Wake Forest
    Everything I read about this guy just makes me think big time FS. I really believe that he starts day one, and thats what you need from Day 1 picks.

    107: Paul Soliai: DT Utah.
    This is the 2 gap DT that we sorely need on our Defense. He will likley also be an immedialte starter and pay immediate dividends for Mario, Weaver, Demeco, and the Dbacks.

    144: H.B. Blades: ILB Pittsburgh
    He is a high tenacity, blue collar, bust his butt type player and I was surprised to see him still here. I would snatch him up and convert him to Will or Sam. I think he could be a surprise for the team.

    183: Travarious Bain:CB Hampton
    A project CB, but possibly someone who could pay BIG dividends down the road. I say grab him.

    218: Nick Folk P Maryland
    Stanley was very poor in punting last year. One way to help your D is to punt the ball far and accuratley. Oh and he can kick FGs too. Maybe in the future we have him do both and keep an extra roster spot for a position player?

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