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    Life has a way of changing plans. I had wanted to do 4 mocks for April but life circumstances altered those plans. Furthermore, this may or may not be my final mock of this year. With other things needing my attention, I put together a very fast mock with little explanation.

    The draft is less than 2 weeks away. So this may/may not serve as my final Texans Mock.

    1. Malcolm Jenkins-CB/S Ohio State
    As yall know, I have been high on Clay Matthews, but I think one of two things will happen. 1) He will be cleared of the steroid rumor and will proceed to get taken before out pick. 2) He will be guilty of the steroid rumor and will not be our pick. Either way, we don’t take him here. Personally, I think a trade down is our best choice opportunity here. If not, I think we take Jenkins.

    2. Clint Sintim, OLB-Virginia
    Its hard to say if he will be there. Some people have him going in the late first, others in the mod second. If he is there, we must grab him. If he is not here, maybe DE Lawrence Sidbury could be the pick here.

    3. Chris Baker-DT Hampton
    A monster DT that can play the run and still get to the QB. Behind Raji, he is the best suited DT in the draft for the Texans. He can clog, penetrate, and is a great athlete. We could use a guy like him on the line.

    4(a). Andre Brown-RB N.C. State
    A solid complimentary back that can catch as well. He is 225 with 4.5 speed. He will hit the hole with power and can be our solution to those sticky third and 1 or 3rd and 2 situations. He also has the speed to break a short run into a 20+ yard run.

    4(b) Henry Melton-DE Texas
    This pick is made under the assumption we get Sintim in the 1st. If we don’t, then we may go after Marcus Freeman OLB. I think taking a flier on Melton is a good idea. He can start out as a situational DE and grow from there.

    5. A.Q. Shipley-C Penn State
    Finally, we get our center. He is a smart guy has a high motor and has great technique. He can learn the nuances of the ZBS very quickly and could probably start from day 1.

    6. Myron Pryor - DT Kentucky
    The 6th round is very unpredictable. There are two routes to go: take an unproven guy with a little flash or take a guy with big talent that had an injury. I say go the later. If the guy heals, you have higher value. If not, cut him, it’s the 6th round afterall. Pryor has had some leg injuries but if he is ready to go he can play like a 2nd or 3rd rounder. I say take a chance on him!

    7. George Bussey- OG Louisville
    A solid ZBS depth OG. He can compete for a spot or even get onto the practice squad for a year. It’s the 7th, if you see a guy who can be of value, you grab him!
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    Katy, Texas
    You lost me at hello....recovered on the second day. So who are you projecting Malcome replacing for a starters roll out of camp ? Just curios there.

    Sintim stiff in the hips. Now if they lose will look like a bloody genius. Sintim will never stand up outside in a 4-3....never. And I've seen nothing this off season that they are contemplating using a hybrid 3-4 ? Have you ?
  3. Wolf6151

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    Pearland, Texas
    1. Jenkins, good player and good pick. Where would you play him at CB or FS?
    2. Sintim, good player but stiff. He'd be good against the run but lacks pass coverage ability that we'd need against TE's and RB's.
    3. Baker, good player but why do we need another DT/NT we just signed Cody and have plenty of DT's.
    4. Brown, great player and fits our system perfectly but unrealistic in the 4th, he'll probably go in the late 2nd round.
    4. Melton, I don't know anything about him but feel there are bigger needs not yet addressed that need to be. Freeman will be gone by the 4th round as well, maybe late 2nd or early 3rd.
    5. Shipley, good player but ridiculously short arms that may hurt him in the NFL, he'd upgrade our line and may play OG instead.
    6. Pryor, good player but again why do we need another DT. Maybe as a rotational guy.
    7. Bussey, I don't know anything about him but your right our O-line needs some upgrade and depth.

    Overall ehhhhh, you didn't address SS at all and I think O-line should be addressed earlier.
  4. Maddict5

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    im ok with your picks. its a little d-line heavy but thats ok i guess. doubt jenkins gets to 15 and isnt andre brown supposed to have some character concerns. lately ive been hoping to take maybin and everette brown @ 15 but dont rly think it will happen. my number one hope now is to get a trade down scenario thats adds a 3rd rd pick for us. lions @ 20 (plus 65) would be perfect, then:

    20. Clay 3, OLB, USC
    45. Lawrence Sidbury, DE, Richmond
    65. Rashad Johnson, S, Alabama
    77. Rashad Jennings, RB, Liberty
    4a. Fili Moala, DT, USC
    4b. Bradley Fletcher, CB, Iowa
    Depth (esp o-line, te & maybe wr) the rest of the way

    probably wont all reach those spots but that would be my dream draft pretty much
  5. V3rm0nt3r

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    the idea isn't to get just another body on the D line. we have those. the idea is to get a true NT and at 326ish Hampton fills the need (not to mention the fact that he ran a 5.02 which is ridiculous for his size).

    also, just because we brought in Smith doesn't keep DE from being a legit need on our defense. we still need a pass rusher to keep pressure on which would also allow Bush to move Smith inside on passing downs. Melton fills this need.

    lastly this draft isn't about who he hopes will be drafted, its who he THINKS will be drafted (he did the want one last time and we crucified him for it). and Smithiak LOVE this O-line, so don't expect to see an early pick used on an upgrade there.
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    I have noticed a couple of things and have completely redone my mock. It will be posted next week. That will serve as the last mock I will do. This final mock will include some surprises and will be based on what I would want the team to do. I do not have any sources, so I have no clue what they actually will do.
  7. El Tejano

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    Melton could be our goal line back.
  8. Goldensilence

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    Apr 15, 2007
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    If Jenkins falls to 15 and he's the pick I'd pee myself. Despite the lack of top end speed he's got the best instincts of any corner in the draft IMO.

    I'm ok with the Stintim pick, but I'd really like to address the interior of our OL with the second pick Wood or Ugner (If still available) would be my pick.

    I'm not sure about Baker, but fits the bill this staff goes on picking a small school flyer in the third. Personally I'm tired of taking them and hoping they work out. If we don't take OL in the second we could go RB that falls or OC Caldwell of 'Bama,Luigis of Arkansas,or Levitre of Oregon.

    Not sure if Brown will be there But a guy like Coffey(sp?), Spiller, Javon Ringer, PJ Hill wouldn't be bad options in the fourth.

    I'm ok with Melton but I think he could be had later. Good athlete but still learning to be a DE.

    If we haven't addressed OC earlier I'm ok with Shipley. I just don't want another center that'll get pushed back at the LOS.

    another DT?

    Good with help at OG.

    While I do think our defense needs help I'm also hoping a change in the staff will utilize the talent we've got better. I like our OL except for Brisiel and Myers.
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    Spring, TX
    He lost his goal line job to Jamaal Charles (195 lbs) at Texas. I don't think so.

    Keep him at DE. He has only played there for two years. He has enough to learn without us making him do other stuff as well.

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