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    For this mock ill be assuming we're picking at 29 because thats where we sit at the moment.

    Round 1: David De Castro OG Stanford

    By now we all know about De Castro but to quickly summarise he will fit perfectly into our zone blocking scheme! He often gets to the second level shows good speed and agility has great technique. Guards don't usually go this high but there is some undoubtable talent.
    W.Smith is going to get around 2mil next year, is starting to age (31 next year) and hasn't had a great year. Wont better way to secure the NFLs best o-line for years to come.

    Previous Pick: M.Floyd WR Notre Dame
    I was asking a lot in my previous mock that floyd will drop to around 25 but he will surely not be available at 29.

    Round 2: Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers

    At 6.2ft 215lbs Sanu has great size. Not top end speed but can stretch the field. Is having a great year by using great fundamentals which i look for in a WR i.e. excellent route running and sure hands.
    Doesn't play with a top talent QB like other guys before him on my big board but still produces good numbers.
    What i like about him is he can be used in all areas of the field from the short to deep pass. Will be an asset in improving our red zone efficiency.

    Previous Pick: Josh Chapman NT Alabama
    I didn't go WR in the first and i think we definitely need one. In terms of BPA Sanu is 100% a better prospect then Chapman and thats saying something because I'm pretty high on chapman but his stock is declining in a weak NT class

    Round 3: Kendall Reyes DE Connecticut

    Best player available and is turning out to being my favourite player in the draft. In my previous mock i took him in the 4th but his stock is rising FAST.
    Coming in at 300 pounds will fit perfectly into the rotation on the D-line. Will play predominately at DE but if needed can play at NT as well. Has a good motor and never quits even in pursuit.
    His been voted captain last 2 years and seems to have excellent leadership.

    Previous Pick: Barrett Jones OG Alabama
    Used my first round on a guard.

    Round 4: Tavon Wilson S Illinois

    Started his career out at corner then moved to safety. has been playing more at SS and is racking up tackling numbers. Doesn't have an interception this year but works well in coverage and shouldn't be to much of a liability in coverage. Is a strong leader on his defence and his stock is rising very quickly. Could end up going in the 3rd round.

    Previous Pick: Kendall Reyes DE Connecticut
    See above

    Round 5: D.J. Holt ILB California

    Tackle machine, should fit into wade's system and MLB perfectly. Give us depth at ILB which is needed.
    Main strength is against the run which again fits nicely into our system.

    Same as previous pick.

    Round 6: Michael Williams TE Alabama

    This guy is HUGE! 270lbs 6.6ft!!! Probably the best blocking TE in the draft.
    Our TEs on our roster are pretty similar he offers us something different.
    think A.Hill 2.0 but so much better.

    Previous Pick: Blake Gideon FS Texas
    Picked up a safety in round 4

    Round 7: Darius Fleming OLB Notre Dame

    Has good physical tools shows good athleticism for a guy his size 6.2ft, 255lbs.
    Does need to work on his pass rushing moves and is a liability in coverage.
    Will be a project player but for a 7th rounder its a good idea. You can't have enough OLB in a 3-4.

    Previous Pick: Mason
    It looks increasingly unlike mason will gain enough receptions for us to lose this pick.

    Well there you have it.
    Thanks for reading and would love some feedback!!!

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    1. DeCastro, if we're picking at #29 then I like this pick since all the high quality CB's and WR's will be gone. I think Smith has been playing well this year and will be back but DeCastro moves Caldwell and Briesel to backup spots instantly improving our O-line depth significantly.
    2. Sanu, he's got the size I want in a WR and I like this pick. This is a very good year for WR's, lots of good ones. I'd actually prefer Criner but Sanu is a good choice as well.
    3. Reyes, I'm not very familiar with him but have read some good things and he should fit nicely into the DE rotation well.
    4. Wilson, I don't know anything about him but I like the position chosen. This is a poor year for Safety and I think all the players will fall lower than anticipated.
    5. Holt, good player and position chosen, he should offer some quality depth at ILB.
    6. Williams, we don't need a 4th or 5th string TE no matter how good a blocker he is. No one dimensional player will make the squad in the 6th round. I'd like to see a NT prospect here to add to the rotation with Cody.
    7. Fleming, I don't know anything about the player but like the position chosen especially since late round picks are expected to play special teams where an OLB should do well.

    Overall pretty good.
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    i went with Sanu over Criner only just though. having a good QB helps Criner a bit and they produce similar numbers. but really i just prefer and think sanu will be the better prospect but its not by much

    The TE pick is contingency plan just incase dreessen falls in free agency. And this way he becomes our 3rd TE and offers something different to the those other 2. And for me i just don't see any NTs worth being taken in this years draft. Unless chapman falls to the 3rd round where you can get a bit more value for him

    thanks heaps for the feedback

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