Ater a 3-1 Preseason, Expectations were too HIGH!

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Zac, Dec 25, 2006.

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    Jun 7, 2005
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    The Texan and Coach Kubiac injected aderenaline and hope to the Texans fan base this offseason.

    Even the Young / Bush / and Williams debate didn't tarnish the fans hope. Especially after that wonderful preseason. Fans were talking smack and playoffs. Even I was dreaming playoffs.

    We were all amazed at the new face at Left tackle (Spencer) Williams was having growing pains moving all over the Defensive line, but everyone was amazed by him. And the Texans were winning. The talent we thought was enough, the Coaching was the Key.

    But here we are 1 week shy of the end of the season. And the Texans have won only 5 games. But, If you read the pre season predictions that's were the expert thought they'd end up. Recovering from a horible 2-14 season was attrocious.

    Now the Texans have a chance to set a record for the 2nd most wins in a season (currently they are tied at 5 like in 2003). And after the New England and Tennesse losses, people threw the Texans under the Bus. Did you guys see the Stadium half empty yesterday!!

    However, they just won a game against one of the Leagues best with a game plan that was ran to perfection.

    6-10 season is a tremendous success. It's something to build on. And that was all this season was for. Building a foundation. Last year the house came crumbling down.

    Once before the Texans were going to Cleveland with momentum. They were on a roll, everyone thought and 8-8 record was there for the taking. And then the Cleveland loss happend. The started the horrendous strech. The end of the progression and the begining of the horrible 2-14 season.

    People say there aren't too many second chances in life. Here the Texans get a second chance against the Brown who's victory demoralized the them. Let's hope they take advantage of it. Make it 6-10 Texans!!!!! BEAT THE BROWN. THIS SHOULD BE REVENGE!!!!
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  2. Napa Auto Parts

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    Oct 17, 2005
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    we should beat the browns hands down they are even more pathetic than us and its not everyday we go in to a game as a favorite.:wild:
  3. The Pencil Neck

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    Apr 11, 2006
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    Moraira, Spain
    Well, SOME people's expectations were too high. If we beat the Browns, we'll actually end up with a better record than I expected. In the polls that we had prior to the season, many of us were expecting between 4-6 wins.
  4. Vinny

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    Apr 27, 2004
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    anyone who gets too high on preseason wins deserves to be dissapointed.
  5. thunderkyss

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    Sep 19, 2005
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    I don't think it was the PreSeason success.....

    I think the fact that we addressed so many of our needs with good(so we thought) talent.. is what got us(myself anyway) expecting great things.

    We needed a #2 reciever like nobody's business....... we got it.

    We needed a recieving tight-end... we got it.

    We needed a recieving Full-back... we got it.

    We needed a starting running back.... we got it.

    we needed a 4-3 DE...... we got them(Mario, Weaver, N.D. Kalu)

    We needed a 4-3 MLB.... we got it (Cowart, Ryans)

    We needed TJ to play better...... we got it(in the preseason anyway)

    & We needed to get rid of some dead weight....... done.

    We had a lot of reasons to expect great things out of our football team.

    Why didn't they happen??

    1. turnovers.... who'd have thunk it? Especially coming from our QB. He's super cautious with the ball, and keeping INTs down. but who'd have thunk he would fumble more than any other person our team. Take away the INTs, and he still leads the team in give aways....

    2. Our run game..... who'd have thought a Coach who built his career on running the football, no matter what... would abandon the run soooooooo early, so easily. We were down against Philly, Indy, & Washington... but by no more than 14 points to begin the second half. we come out throwing the ball..... incomplete/sacks= 3 & outs...... then expect our defense to get stops again & again, and again.... not very smart.

    & don't give me the 3.2 ypg or whatever the stats say.... if you watched the game, we were able to run the ball well, till we got one dimensional, and ran only on definite run downs(first).....

    The only teams we should have had trouble running against, was Dallas & Miami.

    3. INjuries...... most notably to the Offensive line. Not because we have worse talent on the field now(I don't believe that is true), but because the OL gets better with time... there are no shortcuts.... the longer you have your front five playing together, the better they are going to get.

    If you were thinking we were going to go 13-3 before the season started, I think you were the most realistic fan.. the things that got us, aren't the things that are our "usual problems"
  6. beerlover

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    May 1, 2004
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    the Texans where playing better during the pre-season (other than the Jags, Giant & Colt games) & one reason was everyone was healthy. the games the Texans have won & played better in they have game planned around their limitations and played within themselves.

    if the Texans remainded even remotely healthy expectations would have been much closer to reality :)
  7. cuppacoffee

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    But, but, ...:hides:..they looked so awsome :embarrass

    We'll get er done next year...:gotexans1

    As an Oiler fan from the very beginning I have been blessed with an abundance of patience.

    Of course my patience was rewarded by the team going to the Super Bowl as the Titans from Tenn. (insert smilie of spilled milk)


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