Anyone else disappointed in Peek's performance today?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TheRealJoker, Oct 29, 2006.

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    I know I saw him whiff on 3 tackles off the top of my head, including one where he had Vince wrapped up in the backfield only to be shrugged off on the way to Vince running it in for a Titans td
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    nah.. but I wasnt watching him. I saw the missed tackle on VY.. and really.. he had him about 5 yards shy of the line of scrimmage..

    The way I see it.. i give props to peek for being back there and trying to make that tackle.. he was in the right place doing what he was supposed to be doing..yah he missed the tackle, but he got hands on him and slowed him down. What makes me mad is that VY still got yardage on that play. Peek slowed him down behind the line, and he still got positive yardage. Someone should have been there to finish the tackle.
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    Not disappointed, as this has been Peek's act for the 4 years he has been a Texan. He makes a great play one week and jumps around displaying bunches of "fire" and "intensity." Fans get all excited. In the next couple of games, he either totally disappears or commits mistakes as in missing assignments, not making the boring play or getting boneheaded penalities. A couple of games after that the cycle begins again.
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