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    This is what happened in the alternative universe. In this universe, the Texans are coached well....

    Kubiak pulls Slaton aside in week 10 and tells him, "we are gonna take our bye week and build your confidence back" since we are in control of our destiny and ready to face a 3-win team (being sure to emphasize one we had already beaten) during week 11. Kubiak tells him that this team is in this position in despite of him putting the ball on the turf and that we are going to tighten up what we do well and go out on National TV and showcase your ability. "Get ready to tote the rock, young'un. If we are going to the playoffs, we are going to have to ride ya."

    All week long Kubiak works overtime with Slaton as he installs his game plan where he comes out stretching the field and forcing the Titans into Nickel coverages. This is the time you start running the ball as they have 6 bigs on the field instead of 7. Once they overcompensate by running up a S as a linebacker you whip out the play action passes as they fake blitz/run blitz. You can't script the timing of this because you have to actually pay attention to what the defense is doing instead of following along your own alternative universe script as if the defense has nothing to do with what you want to accomplish.

    Kubiak considers pulling Slaton and using him as a 3rd down/situational back using Moats as the primary back for normal down and distance, but you don't want to be predictable so he inevitably decides that you focused your entire preseason on Slaton as your feature back and all you have to do is focus him better and your production is bound to go up since your team is throwing the ball really well.

    One assistant coach makes a suggestion to start Chris Brown and inactivate Moats entirely. Use Slaton in the red zone and in some of those fancy Reggie Bush plays New Orleans runs so well. Focusing on running Brown, a back this same Titan team cut 3 years ago on National TV will show NFL nation that we were the smartest guys in the room. Alternative Universe Kubiak promptly fires the assistant coach and unfriends him on his facebook page.
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    That's a little harsh .

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