All Defense Draft in 1st 4rds

Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by steelbtexan, Feb 13, 2010.

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    I'm going to do an all defense/offense in the the 1st 4 rds mock.

    With that said here we go

    Rd1 Kyle Wilson DB Boise St. 2nd best CB in draft smart and competitive, 2nd choice Patrick Robinson only because D.Williams will be gone

    Rd2 Morgan Burnett S Ga.Tech Ballhawking S this team has never had,team leader who will lay a lick on a WR.

    Rd3 Cam Thomas DT N.Carolina Made more plays than the more heralded Marvin Austin, He is my 2nd favorite space eater DT in the draft. Behind Dan Williams

    Rd4 Dakota Watson LB Fla.St. Played all 3 LB spots, best spot is WILL because of his blazing speed/lack of size, poor mans Weatherspoon. A LB corps os Cush,Ryans and Watson would be an awsome playmaking unit. Has run a 4.39 40.

    Now we turn to offense the rest of the draft.

    Rd5 Joique Bell RB Wayne St. Had never seen him until the Sr.Bowl, I came away impressed. Runs hard, keeps pads low, has good hands and appears to be able to pick up the blitz well. Small school is only reason he falls this far.

    Rd5 Marshall Newhouse OT/OG TCU Check one of the other draft threads, I'm very high on this athletic team leader.

    Rd6 LaMarcus Coker RB Hampton Same as Newhouse (SEE ABOVE)

    Rd7 JaMarcus Webb OT Tx A&M Kingsville Huge guy, signed with UT out of HS but couldn't make the grades. Developmental OT, has the talent toplay in the NFL. Needs Coacing. You wont find a better OL project in the 7th rd.

    Signing a vet RB in FA along with this draft would make the defense a force to be reckoned with. I believe in Bell,Coker and Newhouse. (Small school guys that can play) These guys along with signing C.Taylor and Pitts for ex. would be an upgrade on offense.

    I know this draft wont happen but I like thinking outside the box.

    My Offense draft will be up later.

    Thoughts and opinions are welcome
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    I love these kind of mocks. Most teams employ what I call a "shotgun" approach to the draft. By that I mean they seem to draft one guy for the secondary, one guy for the D-line, one guy for RB, one guy for O-line, one reciever, one LB, ect.

    The team may have a glarring deficiency in one area, such as O-line, and still only draft one guy to fix the whole line. And then have an obvious strength say D-line and take high draft choices to add depth. I understand BPA, and percieved value. But as a fan, I'm a firm believer in drafting for need and eliminating a weakness and turning it into a strength.

    The Texans have the luxury of being a pretty talented team. A shotgun approach would probably be the best approach because the team is just a few scattered pieces away from going deep in the playoffs.

    I really like your pick of Cam Thomas DT--been watching him slowly move up boards. I expect a 3-4 team to pick him up as a nose tackle.
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    I see the Bills taking a look, they are converting over to a 3-4. no latter than 2nd rd. doubt he'll still be there in 3rd.

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