Age is not the only number of concern for Brady

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    Tom Brady has carried the Patriots for more than a decade, helping make the team one of the premier franchises in all of pro sports. As the quarterback ages, the question now becomes, can the rest of the team help carry the quarterback for the next several seasons and keep the Patriots among the NFL’s elite?

    The matter creates something of a conundrum for the franchise. The bulk of the team is young and improving, but the most important player is older and past his prime. How does the franchise balance those two facts?

    There is no way anyone can reasonably expect Brady to play like the Brady of 2007, when he established personal-bests in numerous categories as he led the Pats to the first 16-0 regular-season record in league history. Brady did that at age 30, precisely the time when athletes in most sports are expected to peak.

    To his credit, Brady has kept himself in good shape and continues to produce great numbers as his team has maintained its position among the powers in the game. Brady has said he hopes to continue playing to age 40 and beyond. There is every reason to expect that the New England offense, the best in the NFL this year, will not continue to produce good numbers as long as Brady is at the controls.

    However, there are signs the normal downhill trend has begun.

    It went pretty much unnoticed as the Pats made a run toward another Super Bowl appearance, but Brady’s numbers declined in 2012. His completion percentage of 63 percent was excellent by most standards, except perhaps his own. It was his lowest percentage since 2006. The percentage of his passes that went for touchdowns dropped to 5.3, his lowest number since 2009. And his average yards per pass was 7.6, his lowest since 2008.

    Perhaps more significantly, he turned in his weakest performances over the final month, the time when he tries to peak. He completed 58.5 percent of his passes in December and averaged 7.0 yards per pass. His touchdown-to-interception ratio always has been outstanding and was again for most of this season. But Brady’s lowest ratio in that department came in December when he had 10 touchdowns with five interceptions.
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    Onward, Upward, and back into the Trees
    Tom Brady at 80% of his 'peak' is still better than 98% of the rest of NFL QBs.

    That said, if the Patriots want to "go young" at QB, perhaps we can work out a deal for a slightly used 32 yo QB and a couple of 2nd round picks? :hmmm:
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    And the guy still managed to make the Texans look awful.


    Thank srrono, I feel much MUCH better now......:beerfunnel:
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    Perhaps he needs a stunt double to take over his marital duties during the season . Gieselle shouldn't go deprived of loving . :smooch:
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    I would like to see your formula that creates such a delta between Brady and Manning... I kid, I kid of course!!! ;)
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    This article is pretty much crap all around. The author of this article needs to learn how to read a stat sheet. Brady's numbers were off the charts this season.

    He threw for 34 TD's, rushed for 4 TD's and only 8 INT's. That is a ratio of 38 TD's to 8 INT's when the season before Brady accounted for 42 passing and rushing TD's and 12 INT's. How in the hell would he call that a decline?? What, 4 TD's less, but also 4 INT's less?? Plus, he never had both of his TE's healthy at the same time all season long practically and to Brady those guys are like big time WR's. Those numbers were insane for a guy his age who doesn't even have an elite WR other then Welker arguably I guess.

    Brady will decline of course because he is getting older, but the guy hasn't shown any signs of it as of now. Losing a tough game to the Ravens doesn't suggest squat. If anything the decline has been the lack of moves by the Patriots front office from Bill Bellicheck who hasn't been able to get their defense to improve really and to get a better wideout for Brady to stretch the field. Brady carries that team pretty much more then any other QB in the league in my opinion. You could make an argument for Rodgers as well though.
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    i wonder if one day the pats will dump a 37 year old brady has a free agent like brett farve

    Tom brady in a texans uniform man that would be LOL
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    Eugh. I can't see Brady turning into a hired gun like Manning and Favre.

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