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    numbers on the original 53-man rosters in the AFC South, while we offer a reminder that these are fluid and there could be a handful of changes for each team before opening day, and beyond. These come out of the charts Mike Sando maintains over at NFC West HQ.
    •With fullbacks and running backs grouped together, Houston has six, the most in the league along with New Orleans and Oakland. Tennessee has three, the fewest in the NFL along with New England.
    •The Texans have a league-low four wide receivers (Washington has eight). I expect the Titans to add, but with fullback James Casey and tight end Owen Daniels serving as first-rate pass catchers, this isn’t as big a concern as it might seem.
    •Tennessee is coached by a Hall of Fame offensive lineman (Mike Munchak) who has a Hall of Fame offensive lineman (Bruce Matthews) as his offensive line coach. They kept 10 offensive linemen, tied for the league high with Minnesota and Dallas.
    •Jacksonville has just five linebackers, a league low tied with Chicago, Minnesota and Tampa Bay. Improved depth could be important as Paul Posluszny and Clint Session have both dealt with injuries in the past.

    And from Sando’s age chart:

    Indianapolis is the 13th oldest team in the NFL, seventh oldest on offense, 28th oldest on defense.

    Jacksonville is the 18th oldest team in the NFL, 17th oldest on offense, 21st oldest on defense.

    Houston is the 21st oldest team in the NFL, fifth oldest on offense, 30th oldest on defense.

    And Tennessee is the 26th oldest team in the NFL, 21st oldest on offense, 29th oldest on defense.
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    :toropalm: One day, they'll stop doing this.
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    Fifth oldest on offense? I know K-Dub and AJ are both 30, as well as Schaub, but i don't see how we can be that old.

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