Actual Chances of Peterson coming to Houston?

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by lp0618, Mar 9, 2007.

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    This is my first post so bear with me. Now that we have Green and Cleveland picked up Lewis, what are the realistic odds that Peterson will land in Houston. I don't think drafting OL with the first pick is a good decision unless he's a freak of nature a la Orlando Pace or Jonathan Ogden. I don't understand why our O line is never any good. THESE GUYS ARE PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES AREN"T THEY??!!! I think you can pick up o line talent throughout the draft and not waste the number 8 pick on a tackle. If Peterson doesn't fall to us, then Landry is a must pick.
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    Welcome! Cardiologists are professionals but you do not pick one from the middle of the graduation pack if you can pick one higher up. Of course things like $, bed side manner, what school graduated from, etc. Spencer may recover and be our starter for 12 years BUT if Thomas is there at 8, he is the guy. If not then AP. This is what allows us to get through the OFF season.

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