Aaron Ross calls last year “a nice paid vacation to Florida”

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    Ross said on NFL AM that he spent one year in Jacksonville because the money they were offering him was too good to pass up. But Ross’s heart is with the Giants, where he started his career, and where he re-signed last month.

    “It was a nice paid vacation to Florida,” Ross said of his year with the Jaguars.

    According to Ross, the difference in the money the Jaguars were offering him last year and the money the Giants were offering him last year was simply too great to pass up, to the point where he would have felt like he was being irresponsible toward his family if he didn’t take it. But he said it was tough being on a 2-14 team after having won two Super Bowls with the Giants.

    “I had to think about the family, setting us up long term, so of course the money comes to mind,” Ross said. “But winning is everything, man. It takes the joy away when you’re losing, and the only thing to get you through it is the paycheck when you’re losing. So yeah, I’m very happy to be back with the Giants."

    Family was a big part of the reason Ross signed with the Jaguars, not only because the money they offered set his family up for life, but also because the Jaguars allowed him to miss time in training camp to travel to London to see his wife win two gold medals: Sanya Richards-Ross won the individual gold medal in the 400 meters and was part of the winning 4×400-meter relay team. Now Ross is spending his offseason working out with his wife, although he says he can’t keep up with her on the track.


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    No Aaron you just proved that money over rides winning. Winning + money is everything. Just pocket the dough and shut up.

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